Adding some Punch (Tab) to Misadventures with Andi

PunchTab on Misadventures with AndiWhen I returned from Key West last week, I checked out my blog pal Jen of Memoirs of a Dutiful X’er’s post highlightingmy post which highlighted her (are you still with me?).  When I did that I noticed this little flag: Rewards PunchTab on Misadventures with Andi

And me being a curious girl, I checked out what it was all about and learned that I could earn rewards for a blog that I already visit and read every day – how cool as that?!

So I notified Jennifer that I was “borrowing” this cool new feature for Misadventures with Andi, and she said go for it!  So tah-dah, here we are!  I have launched PunchTab here which means now YOU can get rewarded for doing stuff you already do here : read, comment, tweet, share on Facebook.

Here is a little more info on what the program is all about.

There is NO obligation to participate, so if you don’t want to, ignore that little red tab, but if you do then start today!

About Andi Fisher

I'm a lifestyle blogger focused on travel and food. I love to travel via my stomach eating and seeking out local artisans to feature here. I'm a big supporter of the blogging community and love highlighting travel and food bloggers for you to meet.


  1. cool feature!

  2. Hi there, This is Robyn from PunchTab. Just wanted to say hi and we’re excited to see you’ve added PunchTab rewards to your super cute blog! If you’ve ever got questions or feedback let me know!

    You should check out our team bio page. We’re stacked with French engineers and folks who love to travel! 🙂 You’d like us.


  3. I keep clicking on it. Is something suppose to happen!? You’d think I’d know. I love PunchTab. I love gadgetry!!

    • @Jen, there should be a pop-up that shows where you are at on the leaderboard and maybe a FB authorization widget. I will double check on the code – thanks for the head’s up!

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