A Simple Guide To Social Media Marketing Success

The number of people using social media hasn't decreased since I began writing about it in 2010. I've actually been working professionally in the field since before then and continue to teach folks about it still today. Why does this matter to your business? Your blog? Your life? Well, you may be missing out on an incredibly effective and valuable way to reach a lot of people if you don't get your social media marketing right. The good news is, you can find a simple guide to doing just that here!

Plan and craft amazing content

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The first thing that you need to do if you want to succeed at social media marketing is to carefully plan and consider the content you will create and publish. It is vital that you create content that has a genuine value to your target audience, whether that is information, entertainment, or both.

The best way to establish this is to do research (including keyword research) to see what your demographic is interested in. Researching the type of content that your competitors are creating can also be very helpful here. 

Once you have established what your audience is likely to be interested in it's time to decide what type of content you will post. Of course, a mix of various forms such as videos, images, guides, and infographics is best. Also, remember that to keep your audience entertained you will need to post regularly too.

There are people out there who are very successful in creating content based on research and end up making a ton of money with affiliate links, resources, services, etc., and some of those content creators are certainly interested in the content they create, but I don't always think they are passionate (they are passionate about the revenue it drives for sure). I think it is equally important for you to be passionate about the topic you are going to be crafting all this content about too!

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Establish what works with analytics

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Having a vague idea of what is and is not working in your social media marketing just won't cut it. Don't worry there are plenty of free and paid marketing analytics tools that allow you to precisely measure just about everything! 

Of course, when marketing data is mentioned most people immediately think of Google Analytics. However, many businesses find this complicated and confusing to use. Indeed, for those new to the field, as well as those looking to streamline their process, having a clear dashboard that shows you the key metrics to follow all in one place can be a godsend. Happily, marketing analytics service providers are now creating such interfaces, which means everyone can see which parts of their strategy are working well, and which aren't worth putting any more resources or effort into.

Make sure your brand remains consistent between platforms

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Another thing that it is vital to remember concerning social media is that your messaging needs to be consistent across different platforms. This can sometimes be tricky to achieve because each platform has its own voice, identity, and user demographic.

However, if you play too much into this, you run the risk of making your marketing content unidentifiable. With that in mind, sticking the brand you develop with your content schema including the colors, images, and even the tone of voice you use in writing can help everything you produce, stay consistent.

Get involved

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Lastly, remember that social media isn't only about your business or your blog. In fact, if you want to be as successful with your social media as a vehicle to drive traffic and engagement, you will need to build links, connections and collaborate with others.

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In particular, do not forget to follow your closest competitors. After all, they can provide you with some excellent insights as to the social media trends that are working best for your targeted demographic.

It is very easy to get caught up in all the “things” that you have to do to market a business or a blog but if you keep in mind these 4 tips you should be able to stick to what is important and what will get you the end results you want! Social media doesn't have to be stressful, it is an extension of you and your brand and is a great way to communicate with the community you build around your product, service, or personality!

How about you? Do you have any additional tips for social media marketing success? Do share!

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