A beginner’s guide to Hungarian wine

Who doesn’t like wine? Well, many people actually don’t, too bad for them, but I’m sure that people who do have a taste for wine not only like it but love it!

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This post is for wine lovers about a wine-loving country that may be unfamiliar to you: Hungary.

First of all, you must know that Hungary is one of the few producer countries for an entire range of classic wine styles, including whites, rosés, reds and natural sweet wines.

Having said that, let’s see the practical information so that when you go to spend a few days in Budapest you’ll be able to order like a local.

Hungarian WineTheir favorite drink (at least the most demanded one) is the spritzer, this is a mixture of wine and soda water, though, pay attention: they’ve got different names according to the proportion of water-wine they have. Have a look:

kisfröccs (small spritzer) is 100ml of wine and the same amount of mineral water.

nagyfröccs (big spritzer) the quantity of wine doubles the quantity of water.

hosszúlépés (long step) is 100ml of wine and 200ml of water

házmester (janitor) the quantity of wine trebles the quantity of water.

As I’ve said, this kind of drink is very popular and you will be served any of them at almost any kind of bar, except inside an aborozó. This is a traditional wine bar, which is quite a dive only it doesn’t serve very good! Wine is served in a metal scoop. Even so, I recommend you visit one of them to see what “the real thing” is like.

Finally, here are some tips for you in case your plans include buying some Hungarian wine and drinking it during your visit:

Take note of these words as you are going to need them when buying it, as this is Hungary’s guarantee of origin and they are the first words you have to look up in the bottle:

minőségi bor (quality wine)

különleges minőséű bor (premium quality wine)

There are other words to bear in mind: édes (sweet), fehér (white), félédes (semi-sweet), félszáraz (semidry or medium), pezsgő (sparkling), száraz (dry) andvörös (red).

Drunk-in-HungaryDon’t get drunk! Or, never mind, get a little bit!


How about you? Have any other suggestions for Hungarian wine? Have you tried any?

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