7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity

It's been my experience that in order to get through life, you need to possess a multitude of different skills and traits. You likely know all about the basic cognitive skills that you possess, and you’re probably already very competent in displaying them. But one very specific trait that comes in handy during life, is not so obvious.

7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity hero


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It is not just a life skill, but sometimes a matter of survival! The ability to conjure something up when a little variety is needed or if a problem needs to be solved definitely comes in handy!

Those that lack a little creativity aren’t in any way suffering more than the inventive types, but it’s certainly something that increases overall intelligence and intellect.

As a parent, you’re obviously going to want your kid(s) to be the sharpest they can possibly be in terms of their brainpower; boosting creativity levels is a great way of upping the chances! For those of us childfree types, a little self-care on the creative side doesn't hurt a bit.

There are so many things you can do around the house and beyond that can boost a person’s innovation and imagination. You can do a lot of them together as a family or with a group of friends, and that’s only going to be a positive, as everyone will benefit! Here are just a few ways you and the family (or maybe a group of friends) can unleash your creative juices!

Decorate The Home

7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity_Decorate Your Home

Simply moving things around and adding new accessories takes more than just manual work. You need to have a little inventiveness in order to make something look prettier or more colorful. In the evening or on the weekend, you can all gather around the living room and discuss different ideas.

Not only will you learn a lot more and boost your creativity along the way, but you’ll be spending quality time with each other.

Listen To And Play Music

7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity_Listen To And Play Music

Music (love this UC Berkeley article) is one of the best ways a person can open up what’s locked away in their mind. Simply listening to songs that contain all kinds of different sequences, melodies, and harmonies can make you think and feel certain ways. The lyrics in most songs tend to be poetic, too, so you’ll be able to pick up a few deep meanings or pieces of descriptive imagery.

Learning how to play also does wonders for a person’s overall intellect. Pianos, guitars, drum sets, and all kinds of instruments require concentration and practice of expressing oneself. Making sounds can open up one’s rigidness and turn them into a real creative machine.

Write Stories Together

7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity_Write Stories Together

This is something that you’re not exactly going to be an expert at, but it’s still super fun and can provide lots of laughs. Now, when it comes to actually getting your thoughts onto a piece of paper, many can be very insecure. Don’t worry, though; you’re not going to be examined for this kind of thing, so you can just come up with any random nonsense! (Think Madlibs!)

Mustering up things like stories and characters means you have to delve into your brain a little; you have to picture a place, a person, and a bunch of other stuff in your head first. The more you do it, the better you get at it. I remember a teacher in high school (hello Mr. Hanby!) who did this exercise in class, but verbally, and more than 30 years later, I still recall it fondly. These days they call it collaborative writing, whatever its name I love it!

Play Sports Together

7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity_Play Sports Together

Sports are more than just running around and getting out of breath. They require a person to achieve a goal using their ability to outwit an opponent. The best players are always those that use their brain – brawn isn’t always enough. Soccer, golf, and even darts are heavily dependent on the mental side of things.

Customize The Car

7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity_Customize The Car

If you have a car and you think it’s a little bland, then you can do a lot worse than to give it a personal touch. It’s very much like the idea of decorating the home, but with a smaller area and with cooler gadgets! Lots of people like to change their (license) number plates to something more personal.

Many like to insert ornaments on the dashboard and in the back. For something so small, there’s actually a plethora of ways to personalize it.

Take Up Arts And Crafts

7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity_Take Up Arts And Crafts

We talked about one type of art – music. But there are heaps of other ways you can express yourselves in terms of being artistic together. Painting and drawing obviously come to mind. If you’re given a blank canvas, you have the opportunity to place whatever you want onto the paper.

You can literally unleash the happenings in your brain – the more you do it, the more expressive you become. Taking part in a multitude of different crafts will also boost your ability to piece together little bits and solve problems.

How about you? How do you like to get creative?

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7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity7 Ways You And The Family Can Unleash Your Creativity

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