5 Tips for Budget Travel in Mexico

I wanted to go on a vacation where I do all the things I wanted without spending a fortune on everything but enjoying myself. I was tired of spending money on expensive hotels, flights, traveling through the country and not having the money to really take in my vacation space.

I chose Mexico to travel to and try to be budget-friendly. It was so much easier than I could’ve imagined traveling ever being. I’m going to share how I could go to Mexico on a budget price so I could enjoy the beauty of the country. Here are my five tips to stick to your budget and get the most of your hard-earned money!

Compare Flights and Be Flexible

5 Tips for Budget Travel in Mexico - Compare Flights
Compare Flights and Be Flexible

There are many websites I found to compare flights on; some even offer a special deal when you rent a hotel and car altogether. We didn’t choose that option, but it seems like something to consider in the future.

Compare all the flights you can to get the best deal and be flexible with your dates and times. Aim for those days when fewer people are traveling at times when people aren’t traveling as much. Being flexible with your times and dates, as well as with the airlines and comparing your flights will work in your favor to get the cheapest option.

I was recently told about comparing flights in incognito mode on the browser, and when I looked through prices, it seemed they had dropped even more than before. That is also something you may want to consider when booking a flight.

Stay in a Small Hotel Owned by Family

5 Tips for Budget Travel in Mexico - Stay in a Small Hotel Owned by Family
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While you may like the idea of staying in a big fancy hotel and you can find a decent price on a room, you should try staying local. By staying local you’ll be helping the people of Mexico, the community around you, small business, and learn more of the culture.

There are many local options that you can choose from and all range in prices depending on if food is offered or if you get special perks for staying. You could do a homestay, rent a room, or even try a bed and breakfast or inn.

Enjoying these places rather than the larger hotels will give you more time to communicate with the locals and participate in the world around you. I would always say, “I didn’t come vacation for the hotel,” just to keep me on track.

Bike Rental or Walk

5 Tips for Budget Travel in Mexico - Bike Rental or Walk
Bike Rental or Walk

This is where you’ll need to plan ahead of time. I had to research the places I wanted to visit, my options of transportation, and if it was possible to rent a bike. Renting a bike was easy to do, was inexpensive compared to taxis and public transportation, and still allowed me to have exercise.

Walking is an excellent way to explore Mexico if you are within walking distance. You shouldn’t be walking miles to the next city, but around local markets, visiting tourist attractions and off-grid attractions are a valuable way to explore and experience the country.

Choose Off-Season

5 Tips for Budget Travel in Mexico - Choose Off-Season
Choose Off-Season

Going to a country in the off-season will make everything cheaper. It will make hotels, restaurants, tourists spots, local festivities, and so much more affordable for your family to experience. You might not get to see the in-season festivals, sights, or locations, but what you might just find are unfamiliar places and friendly people to help you find what the best spots in Mexico really are.

When we went, we decided to go in mid-January. We didn’t get to see blooming flowers or some of the tourist attractions; rather we went to a beautiful church with the couple we home stayed with, ate dinner on an isolated beach, and were able to see the local community come together for many festivities.

Trust the Locals

5 Tips for Budget Travel in Mexico - Trust the Locals
Trust the Locals

The locals know their country. They know the best food, the quickest routes, and the best sites to see. Take their advice, and they’ll lead you to beautiful scenic hills, delicious authentic food, and allow you to partake in festivities.

They will also make sure you get the best value. Keep with the locals, make friends, and they’ll show you the ins and outs in no time!

When I vacation, now I take the time to do my research beforehand so that I can find my family the best deals and we can enjoy the most from our vacation. The money we save on the flight, hotel, and transportation is put to much better uses so we can make memories together and experience why we're there.

Try these tips so you can enjoy the time with your family, rather than the money your spending on your vacation. Mexico is a beautiful budget destination, and I recommend it to all travelers!

Thanks Denise!

Denise Nelson is a profound lover of the cross country mountain bike. She has worked as a trainer for 6 years and also considers herself a great mountain bikers. She co-founder of a private biking lessons school and owns a small fitness store in NY.

How about you? Have any tips for visiting Mexico to add?

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5 Tips for Budget Travel in Mexico






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  1. So many people are traveling to Mexico, I had wondered how to do it on a budget. Love your tips, looks like it isn’t too hard to travel to Mexico, enjoy it and stay within a budget!

  2. Awesome tips. We are thinking of going to mexico next year and could use all the budget tips you have! Love this!

  3. These are really good tips. I never thought of staying in a small family owned hotel.

  4. I love to “stay small” when I travel. You can get such a warmer, more personal experience out of it.

  5. i cannot beleive i have nbeen on the west coast this long and not been to mexico! crazy! thanks for the tips.