Weekly Wanderings #13 – Moab


Highlight of the week: we made friends! Now RV people are really friendly in general and we’ve had plenty of nice chats with lots of them, but you know how when you meet someone and you just click? Our new friends arrived at the RV park at the same time as us. Both of us in new Tiffin Phaetons, so I was interested to see how they liked it, plus they had a license plate from Washington state so I was curious where they were from.

Turns out they’re an amazing couple and we have similar tastes and interests. They had to leave on Tuesday morning but we’re going to try to catch them in Oregon this summer.

In addition Jacob and I are trying to coordinate our own meet-up. I have tried a couple of times to meet-up with Esther and Jacob of Local Adventurer and it’s going to take their new adventures in an Airstream to make it happen! Can’t wait!

We’ve been in Moab all week visiting the Canyonlands area. (We’ll be hitting Arches National Park next week.) It’s been thrilling and disappointing at the same time. The off-road trails in the canyons are extensive, but offer the possibility to see some amazing views. The drives are exhilarating and scary!


But for sunrise and sunset photos, it is not practical or safe to go on these roads in the dark. So we’ve stuck to the overlooks in the main park. However there are huge clouds which block the sun making it too dark for good photos. The clouds are usually a photographer’s friend and there are gorgeous billowing clouds in the afternoon, but come sunset they all join together in a massive cloud and prevent the rays from coming through and lightning up the canyon.

You can see what we have been able to capture on Mr. Misadventures site, Sel & Poivre Photogrpahy.


We think it will be better in Arches just because of its orientation but you never know. As Mr. Misadventures says, we are always chasing the light.

It was great seeing a grocery store again after almost a month without. We bought fresh veggies and that makes life a little better. But Moab is crowded and it makes me wish it was just a little more remote -grass is always greener…

We are moving sites on Sunday. The one we are in is too close to the road and lopsided. Our RV has levels that automatically adjust us so that we are level, but its still not cool. We’re moving up the street a bit where the camp is a little more off the road and the individual sites are flat.

It’s been warm this week, in the 70’s and low 80’s. I prefer 60! I opened the window on my side of the bed and now it’s stuck open, we’re hoping it will close when we are flat again. It’s supposed to rain the next two days so that ought to be fun, especially if there’s wind. We’ll have to figure out a way to batten down the hatches!

Trip details and expenses on this leg of our trip:

> Capitol Reef to Moab: 176 miles
> No Fuel Stop this leg
> TOTAL Expenses: $0

RV misadventures this week:

> Stuck open window in the bedroom.

Current location:

ACT Campground in Moab, Utah.

That’s it for this week! Happy escaping! What have you been up to?

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  1. What an adventure! The photographs are amazing – I love the rich colours. Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

  2. You’re doing exactly what we’d like to do in a few years. Looking forward to reading your blog!
    PS Found you through Elembee 🙂

  3. I hear Moab is just beautiful! Not that you haven’t been to many beautiful places already. 🙂 And yay friends! Happy you’ll get the chance to meet Esther and Jacob — they are so cute!
    Katie recently posted…Oh. I Think I Just Realized Why My Back Hurts Today.

  4. WOW these photos are amazing! That drive looks terrifying but so worth it!
    Danielle recently posted…What’s It Like to Visit Auschwitz?

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