Traveler Tuesday – Erin Bogar of B&E

Traveler-Tuesday-on-Misadventures-with-AndiMy Traveler Tuesday series is so fun, I love meeting other travelers, particularly ones that share my passions, one of which is AFAR. This week I am happy to introduce Erin Bogar of B&E (Blaine + Erin), a fellow AFAR Local Expert (her area of expertise is Tokyo).

Meet Erin (and Blaine)!

Traveler Tuesday - Erin Bogar of B&E

[1] When and how did you become a traveler?

My parents took me and my sister all over the US, Canada, and the UK when we were little, but the big travel experience that got me addicted was my six months studying abroad in Buenos Aires during college. I lived with a host family (the Cabanillas) in the Palermo neighborhood, learned tango, and developed my Spanish at UBA (The Universidad de Buenos Aires). When I came back to the US I knew I had to live abroad again and travel as much as possible. In 2012 my husband Blaine and I moved to Japan and our passion for Asia was ignited.

[2] What is travel to you in 10 words or less?

Inspiration – Culture – Adventure – Relationships – Hardship – Trains – Exploration – Curiosity – Beauty – Freedom

[3] What is your favorite mode of transportation and why?

Sailboat, because my husband Blaine and I spent six months getting our basic keelboat and basic coastal cruising certifications and one of our goals is to crew on a boat and sail across all major oceans. We’ve raced sailboats in Lake Dillon, the world’s highest deep water marina tucked in the mountains of Colorado. We know a few friends sailing from Greenland to Argentina right now and we’ve read some very encouraging blogs about crewing around the world like Coast Guard Couple.

Traveler Tuesday - Erin Bogar of B&E

[4] What do you typically do while traveling by plane?

Read, write, and watch movies. I get bored easily so I like to have a variety of reading materials, AFAR, Vogue, a great book. I always have my journal in my bag so I can write or doodle. My recent twelve hour flight from Tokyo to LA on Singapore Airlines was so comfortable and roomy and every seat had an individual TV with tons of movies and TV shows (and that was just coach). They were the cheapest tickets we found and we were so lucky to get Singapore Airlines. I highly recommend them!

[5] What is your favorite travel memory involving food?

I ate guinea pig in Pasto Calle, Ecuador. I was there on a mission trip helping build a school in a small village for ten days. The people of Pasto Calle were loving and energetic and they made us incredible food. I always crave their fresh pico de gallo with crisp tomato, cilantro, and red and white onion. The day before we tried guinea pig we got to see and hold the little critters. They were cute, but I didn’t feel too sad for eating them and they’re a great source of inexpensive protein for the villagers. They served us the full guinea pigs; head included, coated with a barbeque like sauce and they were tender, juicy, and of course a bit like chicken. They don’t have much meat, but apparently they’re high in protein.

[6] What is one blogging tip or lesson that you have learned along the way that you can share with my readers?

Quantity is essential. Of course quality content is important as well, but the more frequently you post the better. Each individual post is an opportunity for new people to find and follow your blog and relate with what you have to say.

Traveler Tuesday - Erin Bogar of B&E

[7] Where to next?

Iceland is very high on our list, especially after seeing the gorgeous Icelandic landscapes in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (it will jumpstart your travel bug). I also just read The Geography of Bliss and Eric Weiner’s description of Iceland coupled with the fact that it’s one of the happiest countries in the world makes me so stoked to visit.

You can see all of Erin’s AFAR Highlights and Wanderlists where she shares her experiences all over the world as well as keep up with her on her blog B&E (Blaine + Erin) or her Facebook page and check out her chatter on Twitter. Visually (there is nothing better than travel photos!) she is in on Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her adventures!


  1. Dorothy Boucher says:

    you are so living my dream right now 😉 hope you post more pictures 🙂 i have always wanted to visit Japan but were i really want to go is SKorea, its been my dream for like as long as i can remember, i keep saying some day i will make it over there … thanks for sharing with us, @tisonlyme143

  2. It is so wonderful that you’ve found a partner in life to travel with and explore the world. I love the idea of all the sailing you’ve done together.
    Hope you can make it to Iceland soon! I went last summer with my partner and we are already dreaming of going back!

  3. I would also love to go to Iceland. I remember the Guinea Pigs on Bizarre Foods.

  4. beautiful photos and backgrounds

  5. Thanks guys. It’s been so much fun to have a husband who has as much wanderlust as I do!

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