Travel Tip Tuesday – AFAR Wanderlists

Andi's AFAR WanderlistsIn recent posts I have shared some of the tools I use to organize, plan or fantasize about planned or future travel. These have included Clipix, which helps me organize articles and posts that I find online and Gogobot which helps me crowd-source ideas for upcoming trips, plus I get to make really cute postcards which I am having a ton of fun playing with!

Another tool I am using quite a bit these days is my AFAR Wanderlists.  These lists are made up by Highlights created by myself or other AFAR users.  I can document some of my favorite spots, food and memories from trips I have taken and build out lists for other trips I plan to or want to make.

There are definitely other ways to do this, I can visit other travel forums and communities to learn about recommended spots to visit or food to try, and I do this, but I sometimes get overwhelmed with words.  With things like Pinterest and Clipix I can now get the info visually and somehow it is more digestible to me.

The AFAR Hightlights and Wanderlists written by travelers and local experts have become my new addiction because I can build them out any way I want and when my lists become too big, I can begin to create new lists!  It allows me to organize things to do and places to eat for literally everywhere in the world.

Since the content is written by other travelers who appreciate the AFAR sensibility to experiences, I feel like I am getting recommendations from new friends and kindred spirits.

If you are planning, or thinking about planning a trip, take a look at AFAR and start building your lists, you never know what you’ll discover and what will get your heart  (or your belly) wandering…

How about you? Do you use a site, an app or a tool to organize or plan future travel?

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I'm a lifestyle blogger focused on travel and food. A marketing gal who gave up my job to travel around the United States in an RV with my hubby. I'm now settling into the Portland area where I'm looking for my next career adventure! I love to travel via my stomach. Eating, seeking out local artisans and features to share. I've got more than 26 years of experience in marketing focused on content, social media, and direct marketing and I've mentored many bloggers, old and new.


  1. i dont use a site, but i am hoping that when my kids are older we can start to travel again, this would be a great site for all my plans!!!

  2. How neat!! I will definitely use this!

  3. rich morris says:

    I think this is a great idea! So much better than going to some site that only talks about the glossy stuff to make you want to go there

  4. I’m definitely going to have to check this site out. This is something I’d really enjoy as I’m always looking for new places to explore and travel to. And often times, the best spots come from someone who’s local!

  5. I love Evernote for planning everything!

  6. This is a neat tool – I will definitely use this in my future trips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I’ve started using Pinterest lately (I know, I’m so behind) but will check out the others that you recommend!

    At the end of the day – I tend to do A LOT (I mean, A LOT) of research about anywhere I’m going to. (My boyfriend loves this about me and leaves me in peace to plan the perfect trip whenever I’m travelling with him.) I also just use my heart and my overall senses. Sometimes I end up planning out a strict itinerary, but then happen to pass by an amazing restaurant or exhibition or simple side café with a spectacular view that I didn’t take into account – in which case, I drop everything and follow my gut feeling. 🙂 Like much of life, I think travelling is best done with an open heart.

    I love that you blog every day, btw. 🙂 Am following you like a drug addiction!


    • @Milsters, my hubby and I are the same way, we plan a lot of stuff but a lot of times it all gets thrown out the window because we have stumbled upon something else to do! Happy to have you as a new addicted reader 😉

  8. Vicki Howes says:

    Thanks for grouping these sites and explaining their uses. I’m stuck on PInterest and it’s good to see new options

  9. I love to travel (especially mission trips!). I have never heard of these tools, but now I am definitely going to check them out!


    i LOVE Pinterest for saving pictures for info too!

  11. I usually spend a lot of time researching beforehand. I’ve not heard of this site before. Glad to know about it now.

  12. Danielle B says:

    I’ve never heard of this site before and it’s nice to find another site to searach! I can’t wait to try it out for next vacation!

  13. I sadly don’t get to travel much, but it’s good to know a site like this exists. I just started using Pinterest recently, and have compiled a few “dream” boards, one with travel ideas if I ever get to do it.

    • @Aogable, you can use AFAR to collect (or create your own) spots in your local area that you may not have visited before.

  14. rochelle johnson says:

    i have never heard of this site before. Thanks for sharing im going to have to go look at it.

  15. Oooh I never knew about this! Sounds awesome!!!

  16. This is so helpful! I’m sending it to my friend that is a travel guru. I will def use these in the future, thanks for the suggestions!

  17. When I do travel, I plan on using apps to plan my vacation

  18. Richard Hicks says:

    I will check them out. Anything that makes it a little easier to plan those vacations is worthy of a look for me!

  19. @Andi, hope you know how much i adore your blog. it is truly inspirational for my lil blog!

    • @Helene, there are no small bloggers – a quote from a blogging guru I know. Besides, all small blogs grow up to be big blogs!

  20. I’ve never heard of the Afar Wanderlist before! This is such a great idea because I have such a hard time remember which restaurant I ate at in which country at times. It would be so handy to have a tool such as this to keep track. Currently I am way way behind on organizing my travel memories! Have to get better! Thanks!

  21. Hannah Mwanthi says:

    I do a lot of online research but had not heard of these travel planning sites! I am enjoying your blog as a new reader!

  22. Denise Darcel Shook says:

    I have not heard of AFAR before. I have just recently started pinning my dream vacation spots. When I get a chance to make it reality this would be a great tool to use. I am a planner at heart and have to have everything organized so this could help alot. Thanks!!

  23. Michelle Proper says:

    Wow!! Thats fantastic! Thanks for such a great informamtive review!!

  24. Leona Olson says:

    I will check this site. Thanks.

  25. Judy Lipcsak says:

    We cruise a few times a year and I just have a list of bookmarks – these tips will make my planning easier.

  26. I just found this site for our traveling needs….thank you…good job!

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