Travel Tip Thursday – Checking out your room amenities before you need them

Blindly searchingYou know most of these tips I provide are because of little misadventures that I myself have done!  I can tell you from first hand experience (last Friday morning in fact) that 6:00 a.m. after a restless night sleep when you have a flight to catch is not the moment to be frantically searching for the hair dryer.

If there are amenities that you are going to need first thing in the morning (like an iron), make sure you look for them and secure their location the night before!

Guess where the Sheraton at the London Heathrow airport keeps their room hair dryer?

Hair dryer in a drawer
In the desk drawer in the work area on the opposite side of the room than the bathroom.  After five minutes of frantic searching and two unanswered calls to the front desk on a whim (or last resort) I opened the desk drawer and voila!

Then right after I dried my hair and returned to the bathroom, I spotted this small sign underneath the vanity mirror…

Hair dryer locationWould you believe I actually AM a morning person?!!

How about you? Ever looked for something in a hotel room that ended up being in an odd location?

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  1. Christi-TX says:

    I can’t remember anything being in an odd place but it is HIGHLY recommended to do some research on the hotel/motel. When we moved from Texas to California we made reservations at a motel in Death Valley. The floors were covered in asphalt tiles (different colors) , the shower stall had rust all over it (took a shower with my tennis shoes on), the lining on the “drapes” were practically in shreds from sun damage. Live & Learn Is not the best way to go through life!

    • @Christi, it may not be the way to go through life, but it is definitely something that happens to travelers all the time!

  2. The hair dryer was in the drawer on the Carnival Glory and Carnival Miracle! This past summer, I went to Miami, and the coffee maker was in the closet!

    • @Melissa, ha-ha those are good ones. I just had the same experience with a hair dryer at a hotel in San Francisco, it ended up being in the minibar drawer, I asked the hotel operator if she was going to charge me for using it!

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