That far off stare

If you have a sibling, partner or friend who is a traveler, you know that look. The one that occurs when you are having a regular conversation and you look up and see that far off stare that tells you your companion is no longer “there.”

Where did they go? More than likely they are thinking about travel. And although they may be thinking about a trip they just got back from, my money would be on them planning their next.

I know I have had that look a lot recently, thinking about trips I want to take and longing for my trip to France which isn’t until October. A traveler can’t help it, we are always dreaming, and scheming, trying to maximize our mileage.

Sometimes a weekend trip can often satisfy us while waiting for the next big one, but it will only work for a little while, and soon we are yearning again!

How about you? What next big trip are you dreaming about? What’s causing you to have that far off stare?

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I'm a lifestyle blogger focused on travel and food. A marketing gal who gave up my job to travel around the United States in an RV with my hubby. I'm now settling into the Portland area where I'm looking for my next career adventure! I love to travel via my stomach. Eating, seeking out local artisans and features to share. I've got more than 26 years of experience in marketing focused on content, social media, and direct marketing and I've mentored many bloggers, old and new.


  1. I leave tomorrow morning to go to Philly with my husband for the rest of the week. The kids are staying behind with their grandparents. (w00t!) I would be doing the far off stare if it wasn’t for rather long “To Do” list that is staring back at me!

  2. Oh my, you must have read my mind. As you know, I’ve only been home from Paris for 4 days and already I have that far away stare. Planning a way to get back I am.

    • @Virginia, it’s awful isn’t it? But an exquisite pain. Check out Normal Life, a post from last week, it might resonate with you as well.

  3. Hah! I think my far-off stare is only the result of staring at my computer for days on end, trying to finish a project on deadline. If only thoughts of France were causing it instead. 😉

  4. I want to visit Croatia however I have a two trips coming up to the States and can only dream about it for another year.

  5. I am in Paris right now but can’t wait to go to the Mediterranean Border (Argeles sur Mer) on July 18th.
    And then, I will have that look looking forward to our trip to Madrid in August.
    And our next long trip should (hopefully) takes us to China and Japan for the summer 2011.

  6. OMG, I adore this post!!! Haha, I wonder how many times people have caught me with that look? I think I probably have it EVERY single day! 😉

    I’m dreaming of my next trip to Argentina. It’s been a year and Buenos Aires is my Paris!

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