Valley of Fire State Park Redux (but in Macro!)

Last August I visited the Valley of Fire State Park with Mr. Misadventures.  It was 110 degrees.  I took photos, but I didn't leave the car much... This past December we planned a return trip for the Spring thinking it would be cooler.  So not knowing that I would be staying in Vegas for two weeks working back-to-back tradeshows, we planned a weekend where we would stay at the Element and do … [Read more...]

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Omakase Tasting Menu at Shibuya Las Vegas

I have stayed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas many times for work.  Each time I head to the monorail to take the train to the convention center I pass several restaurants including MGM's fine dining sushi offering, Shibuya.  I have wanted to try it for years but never had the time or inclination to actually go in. But that was before Jiro and my current hankering for sushi.  After two nights of … [Read more...]

Frustrated Blogger

Today I complete the first week of a two-week business trip to Las Vegas.  I am in my third hotel in almost as many days, I am actually moving to  my fourth and final hotel tomorrow.  I am frustrated because the wi-fi in the hotels has been horrendous and I can literally feel my grey hair growing while trying to work, or blog, or read blogs. So no Saturday Six this week, reading blogs, or doing … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #148: Canon Wall (Graffiti Wednesday #4)

Since I saw this "graffiti" while working in Las Vegas this week I thought it was appropriate for edition #4 of Graffiti Wednesday, a new meme that Jen is hosting on her blog. It is from a wall in the Canon booth at the NAB show created to illustrate or demonstrate cameras and lenses.  Jen will probably hate that because she is a Nikon girl and it is like Coke or Pepsi, you are loyal only to … [Read more...]