My Valentine’s Meal – Fettuccine with Red Lamb Sauce

DISCLOSURE: This post is brought to you by Safeway.  However, all opinions and the meal I created are of my own choosing! Baby, it's cold outside! My nerves are still shot from our epic snow-laden trip in the RV. And since we’ve arrived in Portland, it’s been nothing but rain and freezing temperatures. That means one thing to me. Pasta. We don’t eat too much pasta, we’re more … [Read more...]

J’adore – Paperless Post

I have been participating in the Month of Letters challenge which has been a lot of fun, and it has been a reminder of the simple things it life, but it is not practical with my lifestyle. I am constantly over-committed and with my mission to REFINE my activities and efforts, electronic cards and invitations are my method of choice. Also, I realized that for many of the people I interact with … [Read more...]

Most romantic spots in the world to spend Valentine’s Day

Forget chocolates and roses, Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to explore new and romantic locations. Across the world there are countless heart-warming destinations to choose from, whether you prefer the cobbled streets of Paris or the beautiful beaches of Australia. With this in mind here is a look at some of the most romantic locations to make February 14th a truly special … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #95

Breathless. That's how I feel. I was only out of the office three days last week, yet it honestly felt like a month!  I am heading to London at the end of next week and I have a lot of things on my to-do list to complete before I depart. This weekend we are "stuck" on our side of the Bay because the Bay Bridge is closed while they do more work on it, which means no dim sum in the city, although I … [Read more...]

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, but…what’s romantic?

Today is Saint Valentine’s Day! In Catalonia were I am from it is not such a big deal. Saint George’s legend takes all the attention when it comes to romance here. Just for your information, it is much more celebrated around the Anglophone countries. However for today I am here to talk about this day of love.  I’m not going to give you a list of “top romantic things to do for Saint Valentine’s” … [Read more...]

Valentine’s 2011

My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. In reality, I have never been big on the holiday even when I wasn't married.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people who do like to celebrate it, its just not my thing. I am of the mind set that I don't need a special day to be nice to my partner in life. Every day should be spent nourishing and cherishing those that you love the … [Read more...]

French Friday – 5 à 7

Often known as the French Happy Hour (or l'apéro) this expression also has a seamier side.  It's known for the traditional hour for the mistress in France. You can probably picture it: business man leaves the office at 5:00 after a busy day and heads over to meet his amant (lover) at a discreet hotel for a drink and more... Not a new concept for France, but still a reality?  I don't know but it … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #97

I reviewed Mademoiselle London's new book this past December (loved it!) and now the dynamic duo of Kat & Franki have unveiled their new website just in time for Valentines. To celebrate they have some hilarious V-day  postcards that you can print and share. If you want to read a really fantastic post on what Mademoiselle London is all about, check out my friend Karin of An Alien … [Read more...]

J’adore #13

I don't plan on theming every J'adore I do (last week was iPhone apps), but it seems only natural to do a Valentine's Day themed one this time around.  Also, most of these products have a green aspect to them as well, which I "adore!" Spotted on Celebrate Green and created by Row Boat Press this is a Valentine's gift that you can use over and over to tell your honey why you love them: Wouldn't … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #51

Last Saturday in January...already? My goodness I have no idea where this month went, actually the blur started in December with my trips to Tokyo and Beijing, since then it has been non-stop! As I look forward to February it is not any calmer. I have some very special things coming up with some light travel and I can't wait to be able to share some it. But until then, let's take a peek at this … [Read more...]