Traveler Tuesday – Alfredo of Nomaders

Traveler Tuesday - Nomaders

A couple of weeks ago I spotlighted Nomaders, a team of travelers who are passionate about traveling and sharing a new way to experience local places around the world.  I am a huge fan of the Local Heroes project and I decided it would be fun to get to know the founder, Alfredo a little […]

Traveler Tuesday – David of Death to the Stock Photo


We all hate stock photography, but it is kind of a necessary evil.  I deal with it with my day job all the time.  I use stock photography here as well and try to be as selective as possible. Now there is something new and exciting.  I joined Death To The Stock Photography several months […]

Traveler Tuesday – Rena Thiagarajan of Bly

Rena_Marrakech_Shantanu Starick

I am really excited to bring you another new discovery for today’s Traveler Tuesday.  A world traveler, San Franciscan and fashionista, Rena Thiagarajan is the brainchild behind Bly. Project Bly is a new kind of travel, design and lifestyle site that provides a way for its readers to explore and shop the streets and bazaars […]

Traveler Tuesday – Kayla Kiteley of The Princess of Tea

Traveler Tuesday – Kayla Kiteley of The Princess of Tea - Train ride

Today I am thrilled to introduce another new face around here.  Kayla Kiteley of The Princess of Tea commented on another Traveler Tuesday post and I invited her to participate in the series. Let’s both learn a little more about this born traveler! Meet Kayla! [1] When and how did you become a traveler? I […]

Traveler Tuesday – Stew Ross

Traveler Tuesday – Stew Ross

I love connecting with other travelers via the Traveler Tuesday series and this week it is with new contact Stew Ross who has a blog of the same name. He will also be back on Thursday with a guest post. [1] When and how did you become a traveler? Our family moved to Holland when […]

Traveler Tuesday – Erin Bogar of B&E

Traveler Tuesday – Erin

My Traveler Tuesday series is so fun, I love meeting other travelers, particularly ones that share my passions, one of which is AFAR. This week I am happy to introduce Erin Bogar of B&E (Blaine + Erin), a fellow AFAR Local Expert (her area of expertise is Tokyo). Meet Erin (and Blaine)! [1] When and […]

Traveler Tuesday – Deb of Edge of Wonder Travels

deb miller edge of wonder travels

Travelers are a tribe.  And no matter where you go, even if it is just to the office every day, you will find that they gravitate to one another.  Such is the case with Deb of Edge of Wonder Travels. Deb is a traveler by nature, it is in her very soul, however like me, […]

Traveler Tuesday – Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

Traveler Tuesday - Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

One of the advantages of my Traveler Tuesday series is that I get to meet new faces. I am so happy that my post asking for new submissions was so well received!  As I am not traveling as much as I would like to right now, it allows me to do so vicariously! Meet Colleen! […]

Traveler Tuesday – Judi of Stamps On My Passport

Traveler Tuesday - Judi of Stamps On My Passport

More new faces! This time Judi of Stamps On My Passport answered the call from my post a couple of weeks ago asking travelers to participate in my Traveler Tuesday series. Judi is an ambitious traveler, she wants to hit all the countries in the world and I for one wish her the best of […]

Traveler Tuesday – Davide of Nomad Travellers

Traveler Tuesday - Davide of Nomad Travellers

A couple of weeks a go I sent a shout out to travelers asking to participate in my Traveler Tuesday series and several folks responded including Davide from Nomad Travelers. I am always thrilled to meet fellow travelers, to hear their stories, and see how their passion for getting out in the world defines them.  […]



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