Blazing the Apache Trail

While we were staying in Gold Canyon in March we were only fifteen minutes from the Apache Trail. This designated scenic route is a great day trip and offers a variety of things to do. You can the entire route in one day, but it would be aggressive if you wanted to see/do everything. We did one full day and several half days. I recommend the following route, for reasons that I'll explain in a … [Read more...]

Seven Things to do in Phoenix

My parents moved to the Phoenix area five years ago.  On each of my visits to see them, I have slowly started to gain a better appreciation for the some of the cool things that you can do in Phoenix and the greater Phoenix area, so I thought I would share some of my favorites, seven to be precise, so far. For your reference, the spots I am sharing are located all over the greater Phoenix area … [Read more...]

Taliesin West – Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home

A few years ago while reading an issue of my beloved AFAR magazine, I ran across a tiny blurp about a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Scottsdale, Arizona (you can see the highlight on I tore out that page and kept it on my desk as something to do on a future trip to visit my parents. Given our inclination for sustainability built homes, and the fact that Frank Lloyd Wright was the creator … [Read more...]

Visiting Tucson – Pima Air & Space Museum

From the moment we arrived at our RV prep spot in Arizona we had the constant distraction of jet fighters from Luke Air Force base, home of the F-16 Fighting Falcon training facility. All day and into the evening the jets could be seen and heard doing their maneuvers. It was kind of cool. A few years back when visiting Tombstone, we passed an airplane boneyard off the I-10 freeway and Mr. … [Read more...]