Saturday Six #141

How is it that the entire month of March passed without completing a Saturday Six?  I could blame travel, but that was only two of the weekends. Digital detox.  That's it. I have been trying to practice balance and sometimes that means a day without anything online.  I escape to the physical world - isn't funny how we have to make time for that these days (think back 10 years ago!) to keep … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #140

Hello everyone! I am writing from Yosemite which just had its first snow of the season last night! We road-tripped it up here (and I brought everything I mentioned in my perfect roadtrip bag, even the sardines!).  I am staying at the lovely Tenaya Lodge and there will be more on my trip in a post later next week. In the meantime, if you are new here, Saturday Six is my [almost] weekly series … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #139

So it looks like everyone survived the Super Bowl and post-game day "who did the best commercial" debate.  I didn't watch and I saw the commercials on YouTube after the fact.  Instead I played hermit.  Mr. Misadventures was off in the desert this past week taking photos and I spent time catching up on this and that with the blog. I was also a little under the weather as there is cold/flu making … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #138

I can't believe we are looking at the last day of January! How are you doing on holding tight to all the goals you've set for 2015?  I started off on the right track, am making slow progress, but it is progress!  We are having fantastic weather - sorry rest of the country - which means lots of time to get out and do things.  I am trying to do some extra walking during my lunch hour at least a day … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #137

Well hello 2015! The last Saturday Six I did was about a month ago, time to get the ball rolling again.  I hate to miss an opportunity to share the fabulous work of other bloggers, so let's hit it! [1] I think bloggers are an excellent source of guides of things to do in their own backyards.  They eat, breathe and experience the towns/regions they live in. And more often than not, they can give … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #136

Well we had a wild time in Northern California this week...the storm of the decade!  School closures, business closures, moments without electricity (not us, love solar!) and internet (that was tough) but we made it through the ONE day (Thursday) and it has moved south - sorry LA and San Diego! At the beginning of the week there were also several days of protesting in my very … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #135

Hello everyone, it's that time again! I feel like I say this all the time (and I probably do) but this week flew by! Part of the reason is that I spent two awesome days at BlogherPRO in the middle of the week which really threw off my schedule (but it was oh-so-worth it, more on that later).  I did still make time to get some blog posting reading in which happily provided me plenty of picks for … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #134

If you are in the U.S., I hope you all survived your day of gluttonous eating followed by a day of gluttonous shopping.  If you are an expat, hope you had the opportunity to have a little bite of home at a Friendsgiving.  If you are neither than welcome to Saturday!  During this holiday weekend I have been hibernating at home, we ducked out Thursday morning for dimsum but haven't left the house … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #133

Thanksgiving week.  Next week is Thanksgiving week. How did that happen? This entire year has sped by with a speed that feels unsurpassed by any other of my 44 years.  Quite frankly it can continue at that speed until the end of 2014.  The second half of this year hasn't been that awesome and I, for one am ready for 2015! But before then, let's relax, take a moment and read some blog posts!  … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #132

After making a ton of you hangry last week, I made sure that I had more than just food posts...sort of. I just looked at the list I have been collecting this week and a lot of it is still food related. Yikes, sorry!  Stop and go get a snack and then come right back.  Me and the other six awesome bloggers will be waiting right here for you! [1] As I stated in the tweet I published while sharing … [Read more...]