Saturday Six #129


It's that time. Grab a cup of coffee or tea...or depending on the time of day, a glass of wine and take a moment to check these six bloggers and the good work they're putting out into the blogosphere. [1] As a travel and food blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area I get my fair share of invitations to amazing events, I am extremely lucky.  So it is very rare that the jealousy fairy visits, … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #128


Well alright! I managed to do TWO Saturday Sixes in a row, getting back in the old groove!  I love the blogging community, there is a place for just about everyone and they are generally a kind and supporting group that I really enjoy highlighting. You have also notice that my blog design has been updated.  I am evolving the look and feel for something a little lighter and brighter, as well as r … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #127


It's been a long time. Too long. The Saturday Six series was one of my favorites. I love highlighting other blogger's work.  Life just got crazy and I wasn't reading as many blogs as consistently as I used to, so I let Saturday Six die a slow death. Saturday Six also allowed me to insert more of the personal day-to-day of what is going on in my life, something a few people have asked for from … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #126 – The Wisdom of Women

Saturday Six #126

In the last 2 days I have been thinking a lot about the wisdom of women.  Part of it has to do with the campaign I am working on with Nestlé® Pure Life®. I have been reading the posts of the other bloggers working on the project and all the stories of wise words that were passed down to them have been so enchanting. In addition, a very special post written by Wendi Aarons that details her exp … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #125 on Sunday


What is that expression, a watched pot never boils? The more I think about how much I am not blogging the more blogging posts resonate with me!  Life is full of cycles with focuses fading in and out. I am seeing out inspiration when I am very acutely aware that it must come from within. I am really hoping that my upcoming trip to Paris will be just what the doctor ordered.  In the meantime, h … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #124


I know. You almost fell off your chair when you saw this post!  It has been quite a long time since the last Saturday Six and it is a reflection of a shifting in my weekly schedule. I have had to be choosy about the things I focus on and the time I spend writing as I have a lot of other commitments to take care of (as does everyone else in the world). I am just not able to blog every day like I … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #123

Saturday Six 123

I know. I know.  It been more than a month since the last Saturday Six.  The only thing I can say is February kicked my ass and I am a little burnt out. It started with a work event on the Fox Studios lot, then the GRAMMYs, then the Wave, then the Patron Project, then the month culminating with the Oscars. I barely did any blog reading but I spent several hours catching up this week.  I made … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #122

Saturday Six #121

I continue to love putting together this series which gives me an opportunity to highlight bloggers/writers/chefs who are putting out content that appeals to me.  I hope that if you are a fan of Misadventures with Andi, that we might have some things in common and you'll appreciate my Saturday Six picks as well :-) [1] I know I have said it a million times, but I love connecting with new blogs! … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #121

Saturday Six #121

Welcome to the first Saturday Six of 2013!  And I'll already be breaking the rules because I will be listing more than six posts that inspired or delighted me during the holiday break. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. As for me, I did a mixture of things.  I went to San Diego for a few days, did some spring cleaning at home, caught up on magazine reading, watched some movies and read a b … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #120

Saturday Six #120

I am not going to tell you I am busy anymore, it is boring and seriously right now there is no end in sight, so maybe this is just my new state of being! I just have to figure out a better routine as my blogging is suffering.  I feel worn down (due to all that being busy I am not going to tell you about) and it saps my creative energy, again boring! So how are you?  From the blog reading I got t … [Read more...]