Saturday Six #126 – The Wisdom of Women

Saturday Six #126

In the last 2 days I have been thinking a lot about the wisdom of women.  Part of it has to do with the campaign I am working on with Nestlé® Pure Life®. I have been reading the posts of the other bloggers working on the project and all the stories of wise words that […]

Saturday Six #125 on Sunday


What is that expression, a watched pot never boils? The more I think about how much I am not blogging the more blogging posts resonate with me!  Life is full of cycles with focuses fading in and out. I am seeing out inspiration when I am very acutely aware that it must come from within. […]

Saturday Six #124


I know. You almost fell off your chair when you saw this post!  It has been quite a long time since the last Saturday Six and it is a reflection of a shifting in my weekly schedule. I have had to be choosy about the things I focus on and the time I spend writing […]

Saturday Six #123

Saturday Six 123

I know. I know.  It been more than a month since the last Saturday Six.  The only thing I can say is February kicked my ass and I am a little burnt out. It started with a work event on the Fox Studios lot, then the GRAMMYs, then the Wave, then the Patron Project, then […]

Saturday Six #122

Saturday Six #121

I continue to love putting together this series which gives me an opportunity to highlight bloggers/writers/chefs who are putting out content that appeals to me.  I hope that if you are a fan of Misadventures with Andi, that we might have some things in common and you’ll appreciate my Saturday Six picks as well [1] […]

Saturday Six #121

Saturday Six #121

Welcome to the first Saturday Six of 2013!  And I’ll already be breaking the rules because I will be listing more than six posts that inspired or delighted me during the holiday break. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. As for me, I did a mixture of things.  I went to San Diego for […]

Saturday Six #120

Saturday Six #120

I am not going to tell you I am busy anymore, it is boring and seriously right now there is no end in sight, so maybe this is just my new state of being! I just have to figure out a better routine as my blogging is suffering.  I feel worn down (due to all […]

Saturday Six #119

Saturday Six #119 Photo credit Leo Reynolds

Wow! It has been nearly a month since my last Saturday Six, I really don’t know how that happened.  Well actually, I do.  Lot of small trips strung together between work weeks, plus a week unplugged then a week getting unburied!  The holiday season is swirling by, no time to catch any of the spirit […]

Saturday Six #118 on Sunday

Saturday Six #118 on Sunday

It’s been awhile, I know! Life seems to be getting in the way of my blog reading. Last week I was at a 4-day sales and marketing meeting where breakfast started at 7:30 and I fell into bed each night after 11 (or later) this included last Saturday too. This week was catch up from […]

Saturday Six #117 on Sunday

Oregon Wines on Broadway wine bar in Portland

Yes, I did a little switcharoo on you.  Social Media Sunday was on Saturday and Saturday Six is on Sunday this week! I felt it was important to write about Feedburner going up in smoke yesterday on the actual day is was to go poof! Last weekend I was in Portland for a quick trip.  […]



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