Obika Mozzarella Bar Florence

During our amazing Florence for Foodies tour we passed by Obika Mozzarella Bar, which just happened to be next to Procacci, the truffle store.  Our guide Adrienne said it was the best restaurant in Florence for Mozzarella di Bufala. Since that happens to be our all time favorite summertime meal in the Misadventures household we swore right then and there to eat a meal there before we … [Read more...]

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Friday Food Foto – Casey's Pizza

The Friday before heading out to Las Vegas for CES a few of my co-workers and I tried out another San Francisco food truck, Casey's Pizza. Not being a big fan of pizza it is not something I normally eat, rarely in fact. But Casey's Pizza's website was fairly convincing especially when you look at their menu offerings. And while I ultimately didn't love the pizza I certainly appreciate that they … [Read more...]