Le Sigh

Le sigh. Do I really have to leave Paris tomorrow?  I feel like this gargoyle on top of Notre Dame as I survey Paris below. Alas, the dream must end, this trip was not supposed to be in the cards, and was completely last minute, so I am very grateful for the past few days and know I must return to "real" life until the next time! … [Read more...]

View from Canal Saint-Martin

View from a somewhat unknown area of Paris, Canal Saint-Martin. There are a lot of French movies filmed here, so the area feels quite familiar.  The trees had nice autumn colors.  We walked up the canal to Bastille, where we had lunch at one of the famous brasseries, Bofinger. … [Read more...]

View from Pont Neuf

Saturday Six will be back next week when I return from Paris.   Here is a lovely view from Pont Neuf as my husband and I walked from Les Jardin Tuileries to our hotel in Montparnasse (LONG walk!).  The color of the sky was gorgeous! The weather has been crisp, with rain off and on, this was taken at about 4:00 p.m. … [Read more...]

Paris baby!

Surprise!  Today I am off on a last-minute trip to Paris!  I am leaving this afternoon and will be back on December 1st! Because I already did an outreach for December guest-posters, and my trip was so last-minute, I will be posting a photo-of-the-day from Paris along with a few posts that I created ahead of time. So please come back every day to see what I am up to and definitely come by on … [Read more...]

French Friday – Kisses from Paris

This past week the Paris Tourism Board released this short film, “Kisses From Paris” by French actor/director Yvan Attal. As it says on their site: "The director Yvan attal gives us his vision of the new Paris Ile-de-France: intensity, romanticism and modernity..." If this doesn't make you fall in love with Paris, I don't know what will! I know it is for tourists, but it is kind of funny for … [Read more...]

French Friday – A Little French in your Inbox

Interested in traveling to France or reading about French culture or French events here in the U.S.?  There are lots of weekly newsletters out there that can provide insider tips and tricks for you.  I receive quite a few and have my favorites and thought I would share them with you. One of my absolute favorites is My Little Paris.  It is chock full of cool Paris information.  There is a weekly … [Read more...]

French Friday – Le Crazy Horse at Printemps

If you are lucky enough to be in Paris now you would be able to catch a peek of the famous Le Crazy Horse cabaret show at Printemps department store window. Not quite the same as the Christmas displays at Macy's, this randier version highlights the talents of one of the oldest cabaret shows in Paris. These shows are not about sex but rather the art of seduction and the beauty of the human … [Read more...]

French Friday – American Food in Paris

Picking up from last week's French Friday: Non to McMona Lisa I wanted to offer better suggestions for eating American food in Paris. I understand that visitors to Paris may not like French food and would prefer to eat something they are more familiar with, but rather than go to a restaurant that you can visit any time you want (a.k.a. McDonald's) why not try some outstanding American food … [Read more...]

French Friday – Non to McMona Lisa!

Still having crazy weeks at work which will continue through out October, so no time for a longer FF post. I am sad to report that McDonald's will be moving into a spot in the Carrousel du Louvre, which is an underground shopping center within the Louvre complex. The architecture of this shopping center is very nice and completely in line with the museum.  The shops are small, upscale (with the … [Read more...]

French Friday – Guest post – Paris for kids

I am away at the Type-A-Mom conference, so blogging friend and travel Mom, Lydie from Travel is more fun with kids is guest-posting today. Lydie blogs about things to do with your kids in the San Francisco Bay Area and France, plus additional fun spots such as Rome. Today's post is fun things to do in Paris. Top 10 fun things to do in Paris with your kids 1 - The star of Paris: the Eiffel … [Read more...]