Saturday Six #13

Had a crazy week this week and next won't be any calmer. I was in training to finish a certification I have been trying to complete for nearly two years. All the while also keeping up on work emails and tweeting for my company. Needless to say, I did not have much time for reading all your lovely blog posts in my reader as I was catching up on other things in the evening. None-the-less, I still … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #11

These past weeks are flying by without being seen! I have not watched any Olympics. I did not see the Tiger Woods press conference.  Life is a blur at the moment.  I see no end in sight for the foreseeable future and must make the most of any moment of down time. That seems to be the 20 minutes on BART on the way to and from work that I am reading the second book by Stieg Larsson called The Girl … [Read more...]

French Friday – Le Metro

A post by Vicki Archer of French Essence where she describes her love of the Parisian Metro reminded me that I had this half-written post that needed to be finished. While visiting Paris one of the best ways to get around is the Metro. The system is quite expansive and it it cheap (in comparison with U.S. city systems). To make your use of the Metro the best experience possible, I have a few … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #48

This is the owner of the laundry/dry cleaner that I go to. She loves Paris.  She took that photo of the Eiffel Tower herself when she visited Paris for the first time five years ago. Two years ago she visited Spain, but made sure she stopped in Paris on the way home.  In two weeks she is on her way to Italy. She is going to visit Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence.  But to end her trip she is going … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #10

Wow, this week just flew by! I am not sure if was catch-up from Blissdom or the fact that I am transitioning into a new role at work, but in either case, we are Saturday again!  It is a 3-day weekend for me and we are heading out for a weekend away. Only problem is it coincides with Valentine's Day which means that finding something to eat on Sunday is going to be outrageous. I am thinking of … [Read more...]

French Friday – Le Point WC – Paris' Glamorous Toilet!

It's not easy to find a public toilet in Paris, nearly impossible to find free ones. There are a couple of options for using the restroom when nature calls. You can use the public toilets that are found on the street called sanisettes, some of them are free others require either a 50 cent piece or a 1 Euro piece. They are self-cleaning, but still, in my opinion not that clean. By the way, a … [Read more...]

French Friday – One of my favorite Paris hotels is not in Paris!

That's right. One of my favorite hotels in Paris isn't actually in Paris, but rather the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport! Huh? Yes, seriously, the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel. When flying back to the U.S. from Paris, the flights are generally in the morning, between 7 and 11 a.m. Getting to the airport from Paris takes an hour, sometimes more. So my husband and I have found that we like to … [Read more...]

Three simple tips on how not to be the annoying American tourist in Paris

Back when I did my trip report about my last trip to Paris I mentioned that I was going to follow up with a post about a group of Americans from New York who had impeded our Notre Dame excursion. Instead of picking on that particular group because that's not really nice,  I am going to offer three easy tips that will prevent you from being labeled as annoying by the French, as well as fellow … [Read more...]

Guest post: JenX67 on Madeline

I got her! One of my favorite bloggers, guest-posting here! I tried to get Jen of JenX67 when I went to Paris in May, but her entire house fell sick, so instead a wrote a post in homage of her.  I cannot tell you how much I admire Jen.  She is a very talented writer and beautiful person, can't you tell by that smile? She is like my little memory fairy. I struggle with my memory and with 3 out of … [Read more...]

Guest post: Corrie will always have Paris

Corrie and I found each other through SITS.  She writes a blog called My Pickle Talks Autism.  I like reading the stories about her days with her children. I know that autism is a serious matter, but I find the stories about her son so lighthearted. Sort of "out of the mouth of babes" kind of stuff. In a recent post about homework battles Corrie's son, Jonathan, taught me  a neat trick for … [Read more...]