Paris Profiles – 10th Arrondissement with Daisy

I am having so much fun with my San Francisco Profiles series (and there are more of them to come!) that I decided to create a slightly different version for Paris. With the help of some my very favorite (and all incredibly talented and beautiful) friends in Paris, I will be exploring the various arrondissements of Paris, the little neighborhoods my friends live in and explore every day. First … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Comme Chez Maman Rognons d’Agneau

I am traveling at a conference and still rebuilding my photos from my hard drive crash so I am using a photo that I prepared for an upcoming AFAR post (see my Highlights and Wanderlists that I have been working on so far). Mr. Misadventures and I have recently been speaking about the dish pictured above, part of a meal that we had back in January at a small restaurant recommended by Meg of … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #105

I don't know about you, but with the holiday falling on a Wednesday, this was a really quiet week. I got a lot of blogging reading done, but not a lot of blog writing. I have a mental block going on.  It has to do with that damn 10-day road trip.  I can't seem to get motivated to start writing the posts. I think it is due to the more than 2000 pictures that I sort of need to go through to help … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #101

It's been a long time since the last Saturday Six.  It's really lame for a travel blogger to blame travel for not getting to a post, but it really is one of the main reasons.  April was sucked up by two weeks of work in Las Vegas plus several weekend trips (Valley of Fire, Lummi Island)and then ten days without the internet which took away from a lot of my writing time. In addition I am working … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Angelina's Croque Madame

With me recovering from food poisoning this week, food was far from being my number one priority. Nonetheless it was a tough choice this week. Which one of the nearly 100 food photos over a course of four days of eating do I highlight from Paris?  In the end I went with the Croque Madame from Angelina. I lived in France for three years, have visited Paris a dozen times but had never had this … [Read more...]

Grand Vefour Dessert

After a glorious, decadent lunch at Le Grand VefourLe Grand Vefour in the Palais Royale in Paris, I had this delicate strawberry and tomato tart with and ice made of greens on top.  It was not too sweet and the perfect ending to a perfect meal. I always prefer to go to these Michelin-starred restaurants for lunch because it is less expensive than dinner, and I think you get a less-harried … [Read more...]

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Best fondues in Paris (plus bonus fondue tips!)

Love cheese? So do I. But, have you ever tried to prepare fondues at home? Well, I did, and you know what? It wasn't really all it is cracked up to be. However, after several attempts (I’m persistent) I learned a few things about how to do it: You cannot put just any cheese in the fondue.  It's better to use prepared powder (it’s always the same: The more expensive, the better it will … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #78 on Sunday

This week I have a really good excuse for not getting my Saturday Six done on Saturday! I had the pleasure of enjoying my first ever San Francisco Fleet Week celebrations yesterday.  The really awesome part was that is was from a sailboat and it was perfect weather after a week of rain and overcast skies.  It was the perfect way to see the air show, including the Blue Angels and I had a blast.  I … [Read more...]

Pétit dejeuner à Paris

For those people who wake up in a good mood because breakfast is your favorite meal, and who have a passion for the city of love, I’ve found some great places to have breakfast in Paris, or pétit dejeuner, as they say. You can go the traditional route at classics such as Café de Flore et les Deux Magots. They are side by side and are equally good; in fact, there is some controversy on which one … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #66

So many things to celebrate! The 66th edition of Saturday Six (look at all those sixes!) PLUS getting Saturday Six back on Saturday! Although the hubby is back in Europe on a trip, life seems to be getting back to its normal, albeit frenetic, pace. That means finding time to read blogs and write new posts - yippee! It's nice to synch back up with what my friends and freaders have been up to and … [Read more...]