Palate to Palette – Culinary Inspirations with #ExperienceBuick

This sponsored post is part of my ongoing project #ExperienceBuick. Throughout 2015, I will be experiencing Buick through a series of events and initiatives that reinforce what this American car manufacturer brand is all about. =============================================== Inspiration comes from everywhere. When it comes to travel food is what inspires me to choose one destination over … [Read more...]

New York in Black and White

Some photos just scream to be processed in black and white. So like Kyoto I leave you with a few parting shots of New York in 50 shades of.... High-Line Alley: Brooklyn Bridge: Silicon Alley: The Met: St. Patrick's Cathedral and Atlas Are you a fan of black and white photography? … [Read more...]

[mis]Adventures in New York

Recently, Mr. Misadventures and I spent a week in New York City. I was there for work and a conference and the hubby came along for the trip (despite still recovering from a bad sprained ankle). Due to the proximity to my office and the conference venue, most of the week we stayed in the Times Square area, which is not my favorite part of the city, but we made the best of it. One of the … [Read more...]

The best brunches in New York

Brunch in New York is an institution: a meal, half breakfast, half lunch, that people has at the weekend and which is adored by both traditional families and party animals. While in America the brunch is a very ingrained habit I have to admit that I discovered it thanks to Sex and the City. The first time I heard Carrie and her friends saying that word I didn’t understand it quite well: did … [Read more...]

Eating in New York’s Chinatown

Located in the Manhattan borough of New York City, that Chinatown district is a popular tourist destination and a great dining choice when staying in New York. Containing one of the largest concentrations of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere, Chinatown is very well known for its countless authentic Chinese restaurants, shops and markets. Amongst their specialties you can find Shanghai, … [Read more...]

New York street food

Since I was a little girl one of my dreams was to live in New York, walk its streets full of different people pretending to be terribly stressed, with my mobile in one hand and a huge coffee in the other. Eat a sandwich sitting on a bench with my Armani dress and at night order Chinese food on my way home. My friends and I used to talk about that. We basically wanted to use the kitchen in … [Read more...]

Yummy Asian food in New York

A place where a lot of Asian people have established themselves is without a doubt New York. So, it’s not a surprise that there are many good Asian restaurants, for all tastes and wallets. Here some recommendations: A different Chinese experience One of the obligatory visits if you are a fan of Asian food is Joe's Shanghai Restaurant where they prepare a special and different kind of soup: … [Read more...]

Saturday Six on Monday #77

Hey guys, sorry for the Saturday Six delay, I was working at the Palo Alto International Film Festival during the weekend and it wrecked havoc on my blogging schedule!  So without further ado (and not adieu...don't you love Grammar Girl!?) I give you last week's Saturday Six: [1] New York is fun, exciting, glamorous....and expensive! Particularly when it comes to finding a place to stay while … [Read more...]

French Friday – 5 Fantastic French Restaurants Outside Of France

French cuisine has been evolving and expanding since the Middle Ages, when banquets and multiple course dinners were firm favourites among the aristocracy. These nobles would enjoy viscous sauces, zesty mustards, and tender meat, much of what we associate with French cuisine today. Through the 18th and 19th centuries, French recipes were innovated, refined, and perfected into the delectable dishes … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #82

During my recent trip to New York I was browsing a store completely dedicated to chess.  I walked into the back where there was a cool area for people to play and as I continued to walk towards the back of the store I ran into a beautiful set of doors with these rather majestic door knockers. … [Read more...]