Super Duper 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Catchy  name, right?! My plan was to do individual post for bloggers, for travelers, for foodies, but then I thought, "hey, I'm all those things" and I believe it's likely that you are too, or that you know people who are, so I decided to combine all my gift guides into one super duper guide with everything. You're welcome! I know, I know...who writes a 2700+ word gift guide? You're … [Read more...]

7 Years

Let the good times roll! Apparently I can't do math.  But I think you knew that about me.  In last month's Currently I said that I was going to be celebrating my eighth anniversary. Wrong. I am celebrating my 7th! I continue to love blogging but a lot of things have change since I started Misadventures with Andi in 2008. This blog is a creative outlet for me, a way to express and … [Read more...]

J’adore #63 – Frenchie Finds

Happy Bastille Day !!! Being a huge Francophile it’s kind of surprising to me (and probably you) that this is the first francophile-themed J’adore. This series is dedicated to sharing the internet finds and new products or services that I discover during my online travels or which make their journey to my doorstep. With a trip to Paris coming up in the next six months I have all things … [Read more...]

Paris Profiles – 10th Arrondissement with Daisy

I am having so much fun with my San Francisco Profiles series (and there are more of them to come!) that I decided to create a slightly different version for Paris. With the help of some my very favorite (and all incredibly talented and beautiful) friends in Paris, I will be exploring the various arrondissements of Paris, the little neighborhoods my friends live in and explore every day. First … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things – Holiday Gift Guide

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from friends and fans of the Misadventures with Andi community. I think it is important to support small businesses particularly during the holiday season! Take a peek and consider these unique gifts for your holiday list.  Share your thoughts and support for the blog.  Every comment (up to five) between now and Dec 15th will be an entry to win $100 … [Read more...]

My afternoon at the Louvre with THATLou

After a wonderful cooking class at La Cuisine Paris where I learned to make baguettes, I headed over to the Louvre to meet my girlfriend Kasia of Love in the City of Lights and new friend Daisy De Plume.  I was excited to meet Daisy in person and experience her creation, THATLou.  I introduced you to Daisy when she participated in my Passion for Paris series as well as sharing THATLou in a French … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #114 on Sunday

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the food and the clothes and the weather. It also usually means a trip to Europe which unfortunately we won't be doing this year. But don't start feeling bad for me, there are plenty of smaller trips planned until the end of the year and Europe will be in the plans soon.  I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. My hubby … [Read more...]

French Friday – Entrepreneurial Americans in Paris

The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the characteristics I like most about Americans.  And while I don't think it is uniquely American, I think we do it best.  I think this is exceptionally illustrated by a few very enterprising ladies living in Paris.  I think it particularly spectacular to do this in an environment that isn't all that business-friendly! I've discussed this with Mr. … [Read more...]

Four Years

Misadventures with Andi gave birth as a blog four years ago in 2008. I started it two days after I joined my current company. I had to really. How better to make my introduction to the blog world than by sharing my latest misadventure - wearing dark blue tights with a dark black suit to work (as well as getting lost on the employee shuttle!)? Frankly my friends and family were getting sick of … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #106

Happy Bastille Day! Or fête nationale for my Frenchie friends! I will be celebrating today with champagne and foie gras (from France, not purchased illegally in California). I think I might even begin the process of applying for my French citizenship, seems like a great day to do it! Want to help me celebrate? (I won't make you eat foie gras!) I have a few lovely French-themed items hanging … [Read more...]