J’adore – Mary’s Secret Ingredients


I am a big fan of local, seasonal artisanal food products.  It is a way of supporting small business, the farming and food community and a wonderful way to explore new edibles!  I was really pleased when Mary’s Secret Ingredients extended an invitation to try out her summer box. What I love about Mary’s Secret […]

J’adore – Nomaders


Find your own heroes. Even better, make them local. But what about when you travel? What does a local hero look like then? Your local hero probably looks slightly different than what mine would be. And given that everyone has a unique perspective on what they are looking for when visiting a new city, its […]

J’adore – AFAR Experience Seattle Edition


After a magnificent morning exploring the MOHAI in Seattle, the AFAR Experiences group headed to a very special venue, a artisan popup shop called “Our Material World” curated exclusively for us by Laura Sullivan Cassidy, Seattle Met’s style editor.  Seattle Met is a really great Seattle magazine that covers just about everything you would need […]

J’adore – Paperless Post


I have been participating in the Month of Letters challenge which has been a lot of fun, and it has been a reminder of the simple things it life, but it is not practical with my lifestyle. I am constantly over-committed and with my mission to REFINE my activities and efforts, electronic cards and invitations […]

J’adore #56


It is getting down to the wire for Christmas gifts – there are certainly a lot to choose from.  Sales everywhere, online and off.  Great gift guides to help you choose just the right gift for the last folks on your list.  I have been participating in several holiday giveaways in the hopes you might […]

J’adore #55


I am not going to say the holiday season is the season of drinking, but it is certainly the time of year that extra indulging takes place. So I thought I’d use this J’adore to share a few items that might help you with all the extra celebrating you will be doing this time of […]

J’adore #54


Two weeks in a row, I know…..I am on a roll! With the holiday season approaching there are tons of really fun products out there, all catching my eye as I travel across the interwebs.  Makes it easy to write J’adore posts! I am not one for traditional photo frames.  I have none on my […]

J’adore #53


I am not a big shopper which is why I tend to do virtual shopping, and if I can buy something online I will. J’adore is my way of collecting the things I think are cool, things I spot in my online travels. From time to time I do actually buy a few things and […]

J’adore #52


It’s back!  I have really missed doing this series and finally had time to put together recent finds.  For those of you unfamiliar with the J’adore, it is my series where I share things that have caught my eye during my internet travels as well as products that have crossed my path in real life. […]

J’adore #51

Lomography Diana F+ Metropolis

Another edition of J’adore! My series where I share with you things I am digging on while I am off doing my internet travels!  There hasn’t been a lot of time to do much online shopping or online anything for that matter, but I do think I have collected an interesting assortment of internet finds. […]



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