J’adore – AFAR Experience Seattle Edition


After a magnificent morning exploring the MOHAI in Seattle, the AFAR Experiences group headed to a very special venue, a artisan popup shop called “Our Material World” curated exclusively for us by Laura Sullivan Cassidy, Seattle Met’s style editor.  Seattle Met is a really great Seattle magazine that covers just about everything you would need […]

J’adore – Paperless Post


I have been participating in the Month of Letters challenge which has been a lot of fun, and it has been a reminder of the simple things it life, but it is not practical with my lifestyle. I am constantly over-committed and with my mission to REFINE my activities and efforts, electronic cards and invitations […]

J’adore #56


It is getting down to the wire for Christmas gifts – there are certainly a lot to choose from.  Sales everywhere, online and off.  Great gift guides to help you choose just the right gift for the last folks on your list.  I have been participating in several holiday giveaways in the hopes you might […]

J’adore #55


I am not going to say the holiday season is the season of drinking, but it is certainly the time of year that extra indulging takes place. So I thought I’d use this J’adore to share a few items that might help you with all the extra celebrating you will be doing this time of […]

J’adore #54


Two weeks in a row, I know…..I am on a roll! With the holiday season approaching there are tons of really fun products out there, all catching my eye as I travel across the interwebs.  Makes it easy to write J’adore posts! I am not one for traditional photo frames.  I have none on my […]

J’adore #53


I am not a big shopper which is why I tend to do virtual shopping, and if I can buy something online I will. J’adore is my way of collecting the things I think are cool, things I spot in my online travels. From time to time I do actually buy a few things and […]

J’adore #52


It’s back!  I have really missed doing this series and finally had time to put together recent finds.  For those of you unfamiliar with the J’adore, it is my series where I share things that have caught my eye during my internet travels as well as products that have crossed my path in real life. […]

J’adore #51

Lomography Diana F+ Metropolis

Another edition of J’adore! My series where I share with you things I am digging on while I am off doing my internet travels!  There hasn’t been a lot of time to do much online shopping or online anything for that matter, but I do think I have collected an interesting assortment of internet finds. […]

J’adore #50

Merit Badges

Time for another edition of J’adore – we are at 50, can you believe it?  I guess as long as the Universe (or the Interwebs) are putting out cool, cute, funky new stuff, there will be a need to share them with you!  I really do have a lot of fun curating this series, so […]

J’adore – AFAR Local Experts

Local Experts

It is no secret how much I love AFAR. I do happen to be an ambassador for them, but the love affair started long before that. Whether it is the magazine (my favorite), their charity or the online site, AFAR creates an experience. And it is not just the folks that get an actual paycheck […]



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