Baked Bear in San Francisco – Custom-made Ice Cream Sandwiches

San Francisco has no shortage of really great ice cream establishments. In fact I'd say we're pretty much connoisseurs - we want unique flavors and fresh, local ingredients and we're usually willing to pay top dollar - or maybe it's just because we're used to it. Either way, we are definitely spoiled! But the great thing about San Francisco and its culinary delights, we always welcome more.  So … [Read more...]

My It’s-IT Story

Happy [almost] National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! I thought I would share a story about a very special ice cream sandwich. As you well know, I grew up a military brat. I lived all over the country and all over the world, which meant that we didn’t see our extended family, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, very often. So as you can imagine, trips to see my grandparents were pretty special. … [Read more...]

J’adore #59

Welcome back to the latest edition of J'adore. In this series I highlight products that I have either tried recently or want to try.  I am always spotting things that I want to buy (although 90% of the time I am window shopping!) and am sharing them here with you. Please note there are affiliate links in the post. In case you really like something and my sharing has persuaded you to buy it, I … [Read more...]

Pau Hana Market Waikiki

After a gallon of wine tasting with Colgin Cellars and Kermit Lynch I needed food!  Right around the corner from the Halekulani hotel where the wine events had taken place is a new food truck area called Pau Hana Market Waikiki.  Currently with seven trucks and more to come you, this food truck court offers a great way to sample the local Hawaiian food scene with ramen, loco moco and lunch plates … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Snickerdoodle-ly Treats

I really enjoyed my first WoCavé Mission and I am working furiously on my second. In the meantime I am the office heroine because of the SKINNY COW® treats I have brought in to share.  Last month was the Skinny Cow Salted Caramel Pretzel frozen candy bar which was a big hit.  This week I brought in the Limited Edition Snickerdoodle Sandwiches and turned Monday into Funday! The snickerdoodle. … [Read more...]

WoCavé Adventures

This is a sponsored guest post written by me on behalf of Nestlé® SKINNY COW®. Man caves. It is a concept that most Americans are quite familiar with, but for my non-U.S. friends it's a generally accepted term to describe the room where I man can sit on his leather chair with his can of beer, watch as much sports as he wants, with or without his other man friends, and be free of … [Read more...]

Tuscany Beyond Gelaterias

I bet that once in Florence you will go crazy with the variety of gelaterias (ice cream shops) and the most unimaginable ice cream flavours: liquorice, cappuccino, mint&chocolate, not to mention the ones inspired by the most popular Italian chocolates bacio (literally kiss), ferrero rocher… Italians, though, when thinking of Florence and food do not necessarily have ice cream in mind, because … [Read more...]

J'adore #28

What better way to spend Cyber Monday that looking at some of the things that I am adoring online!  I am sure there are a thousands of deals everywhere (of which I will not be participating in) but please remember to consider the small business owners who would love some extra shoppers this holiday season. As usual, its all about food! Maybe its because I will be in a bathing suit in three weeks, … [Read more...]

Happy National Ice Cream Day

There are probably few national days that could make me smile more than National Ice Cream Day...who doesn't love ice cream? An ice cream day? A day devoted to the sweet treat that most of us grew up eating? You betcha! The only thing better would be free ice cream, and while I am sure many communities probably have stores or parlors that participate in this fashion, the only one I would be … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #79

It's a 'tower-o-Jeni's'! After my first try at Jeni's Ice Cream and the subsequent ravings I gave it at work, a few of my colleagues and I got together and placed a group order for....24 pints. Last time I got Queen City Cayenne, MacKenzie Creamery Goat Cheese with Roasted Red Cherries and Salty Caramel.  This time in addition to Queen City Cayenne and Salty Caramel I picked up Dark Chocolate, … [Read more...]