Palate to Palette – Culinary Inspirations with #ExperienceBuick

This sponsored post is part of my ongoing project #ExperienceBuick. Throughout 2015, I will be experiencing Buick through a series of events and initiatives that reinforce what this American car manufacturer brand is all about. =============================================== Inspiration comes from everywhere. When it comes to travel food is what inspires me to choose one destination over … [Read more...]

Burgers in San Francisco

Whether it is cheeseburgers, veggie burgers or good old fashion "regular" burgers there are plenty of good spots in San Francisco.  May is National Burger Month and I thought I would celebrate by sharing some of my posts I've written about one of my favorite food groups! I wrote a post for Groupon's San Francisco blog sharing a sampling of some of San Francisco's Best Burgers, it was hard to … [Read more...]

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San Francisco’s Best Cheeseburgers

I've had the opportunity to write about a sampling of some of San Francisco's best burgers for Groupon. I have interviewed the founder of the latest geo-located burger app called Burgerator, an app that will help you find really great burgers in San Francisco. I have written about one of my favorites, Gott's (formerly Taylor's Refresher in Napa and in San Francisco at the Ferry Building) as … [Read more...]

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Interview with Burgerator Founder Ammar Shallal

I love me some burgers. I just don't let myself eat them as often as I really (really) want to.  From time to time, I let myself go a little crazy, like when I was researching for the best burgers in San Francisco article for the Groupon San Francisco City blog, but generally speaking I try to be reasonable. You know, that moderation thing and all.  So when I do have a burger, I want it to be a … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #88

The weekend before Christmas, ack where did all the time go? I am so busy at work and trying to prepare for vacation that I have hardly seen the days pass! I will be happy to unplug for a week or so and re-energize because I am feeling a little over-extended with all the things I am trying to do. Even so, I did get some blogging reading in and I have my Saturday Six picks, check them out: [1] I … [Read more...]

This Week in Photos #1

So when 2011 rolled around I hemmed and hawed about starting a 365 project.  I eventually decided to do nothing and think about it before the start of 2012. But I am constantly carrying my camera now and find that I am taking photos every day in an attempt to improve my skills. I plan on taking a class this fall and really want to getting a better understanding on camera techniques so that I can … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #55

Well, I honestly thought that I would be in Los Angeles today. At least that was the plan until about 3PM yesterday. I was on my way to do behind the scenes interviews for the Oscars red carpet show, but there was a miscommunication between my work and the Academy representatives and they thought I was going to be there yesterday. So no Oscar red carpet stories, but look for them here in 2012 (I … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #54

Whew! Whirlwind! I returned from Los Angeles last Friday after being there for the Grammys rehearsals, then I was back again this past Thursday and Friday for work and I just found out I will be going back to LA next week, I haven't been to LA in years and here I am going back three times and as many weeks! Luckily with all this airport time it gives me the opportunity to catch up on my blog … [Read more...]

Taylor’s Refresher – One good burger

I come from a burger family. Or rather, a burger Dad. Apparently most days after high school you could have found my Dad parked at one of two places. Nation's Burgers or Casper's Hot Dogs (that one is an anomaly). As a kid I ate a lot of burgers, generally McDonald's. Once I went away to school I left burgers for more sophisticated fare like Thai and Japanese, things that I had not experienced … [Read more...]