Friday Food Foto – Happy Birthday Julia Child

Julia Child would have been 102 today and we still celebrate her impact on the cooking world. She was formidable and feisty.  And awesome.  I have written several post about her including the 5 things she taught me about life, she is an icon that will live on for a very long time. Of course I loved the Julie & Julia movie and think the new comic series about her is awesome! I would love … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Lamb Shui Mai from M.Y. China

I took a few of my co-workers to M.Y. China at the Westfield San Francisco Centre to try out the secret menu item that Chef Tony and I collaborated on, lamb shui mai (see the full story of how we did it). I think we ordered half the menu and enjoyed absolutely every dish! Midway through the meal we had a surprise visit from Chef Martin Yan (the M Y in M.Y. China). He wanted to say “hi” and to … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Hamakua Mushroom Poke Roll

After my wonderful visit to the Hamakua Mushroom farm I began to see them menus everywhere I went. When I saw them prepared as a poke and poke roll at the Hilo Bay Cafe on my visit there I could not resist ordering them. Hilo Bay Cafe is a gorgeous restaurant with exceptional food and enjoyed my sushi dinner there. Now, onto More Tasty Tidbits: From Daily Candy: Corn and goat cheese bread … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Sushi Pops in Nishiki Market in Kyoto

Mr. Misadventures and I spent a significant amount of time (and by doing that saved a significant amount of money) at the Nishiki Market in Kyoto.  We basically grazed - ate as we walked.  One of things we picked up was basically a sushi-pop.  Chunks of sushi grade fish on a sick meant to be eaten right then and there.  I think that is my favorite kind of pops! In San Francisco - like nearly … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Me Méli Loukoumades

Golden Greek goodness.  That what I called these Loukoumades from the Me Méli food cart in my AFAR highlight and I still haven't found a better way to describe them! I visited with two of the three sisters that run Me Méli while I was out at a work event and they were as nice as can be.  Only two months into the food truck biz and their hot fried dough with honey, cinnamon and walnut are … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Han Il Kwan Kimchee

After a lovely afternoon walking the San Francisco Coastal Trail we were hungry...what else is new? We were in the Sunset District so we headed to a restaurant that we had been to in the past, Han Il Kwan Korean barbeque.  The last time Mr. Misadventures and I had been here was pre-social media, or at least my use of social media, so remembering its exact location proved difficult.  Even with … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Domaine de Kerveguen Carpe Diem Cider

In 2010 while visiting Brittany France, Mr. Misadventures and I had dinner at Cafe Breizh in Cancale.  During dinner at this delightful crêperie we ordered a recommended cider from a "small-batch" ciderie in the region.  We enjoyed it so much we convinced the owner to sell us a few bottles to take with us on the rest of our trip. It made for an excellent accompaniment for our gourmet … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Burmese Kitchen Tea Leaf Salad

When I first started my new job, one of the things I missed most about my old job was the daily access to the Soma StrEat food truck park.  Fortunately, shortly after moving downtown to the Financial District, EatClubSF launched. EatClubSF brings restaurants to the food truck scene.  On a daily basis, I can virtually travel to restaurants I wouldn't have access to unless I sought them out on … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Parisian Pet Dej

I had so many wonderful meals in Paris.  Truly not one bad bite.  One of the biggest pleasures was a simple breakfast (petit dej) at Le Pain Quotidien at a communal table.  Coffee, juice, bread jam and a 3-minute egg.  Nothing better. Now, onto More Tasty Tidbits: From Framed Cooks: Candied bacon and Ricotta dumplings and Fish and chips and Bacon s'mores From Noble Pig: Maple bacon waffle … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Roli Roti Porchetta Sandwich and Happy Birthday Ferry Building

All my attempts to capture one of the best San Francisco food truck items (the other two being baos from The Chairman and fried chicken from Arki) have been complete failures so I am showcasing this gorgeous image of Roli Roti's famous porchetta sandwich from I Left My Cart in SF instead. I prefer to use my own photos for Friday Food Foto, but I felt it was important to share this particular item … [Read more...]