Saturday Six #19

Today's post will be short.  I have been at the Sonoma International Film Festival the last couple of days for work and haven't had time to read many blogs.  I will be writing about my experiences next week so stay tuned! And in Hollywood-talk....on with the show! [1] Linda Donahue of Parisien Salon wrote an eloquent post called "Fly the Unfriendly Skies" in which she describes what it feels … [Read more...]

French Friday – Le Business of La Bise

La bise.  A specific kind of kiss that you see French people (as well as many other European nationalities) do in greeting (and in departure).   It can be a tricky thing. Although I lived in France in L'Ain, where la bise consisted of two kisses, I worked in Switzerland where it was customary to do three.  The office was international with people coming from many countries, but at least in there, … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #18

You know what happens when I take a mini-blogcation? I get to read more blogs! So of course this week's Saturday Six isn't six, it's seven. But you have come to expect that from me, right? I actually had more but wanted to be reasonable and not make this post too long.  So here goes: [1] I discovered this wonderful new blog from someone who lives in the Pays Basque region of France.  It is an … [Read more...]

French Friday – 3 tips for French tourists visiting the U.S.

After my post last week on three simple tips on how not to be the annoying American tourist in Paris, Stéphany over at La Grenadine Acidulée asked me to do a similar post for French tourists visiting the U.S. I could probably come up with a lot, and I will ask others to participate, but here are three off the top of my head. Tip #1: Be prepared to make small talk. Small talk is a natural skill … [Read more...]

Three simple tips on how not to be the annoying American tourist in Paris

Back when I did my trip report about my last trip to Paris I mentioned that I was going to follow up with a post about a group of Americans from New York who had impeded our Notre Dame excursion. Instead of picking on that particular group because that's not really nice,  I am going to offer three easy tips that will prevent you from being labeled as annoying by the French, as well as fellow … [Read more...]