Sandwich Travels

August is National Sandwich month! Despite not being a huge fan of sandwiches, there are many that I love around the world and I thought it would be fun to share my favorites. France - my absolute favorite is ham and butter on a baguette, a classic.  When I first move to France I thought this was the most bizarre combination, that is, until I tasted it. Forget mustard. Forget mayonnaise. The … [Read more...]

Hawaiian in San Francisco

We've got EVERYTHING in San Francisco when it comes to food. Name a type of food and I bet we've got that. That means Hawaiian too.  Of course, here in the city, we are only 5 hours from the islands, but when we can't get there and are craving the island's culinary delights, we've got options! If you are seeking ono (delicious) Hawaiian in San Francisco, look no further than these … [Read more...]

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Upcoming SPAM Misadventures

It's so funny how life is a series of little events all strung together. I don't often think of SPAM, I do like it, but it is not in Mr. Misadventures repertoire and he does all the cooking in our household! For the most part I usually eat it in the form of musubi (pictured above) from food trucks in San Francisco.  But I also love it in fried rice and with eggs (but then again, I love anything … [Read more...]

Great Grilled Cheese in San Francisco

Ah, the classic grilled cheese...I grew up with Velveeta, so my cheese sandwiches were melted Parkay butter, a slice of Velveeta melted to perfection with a squirt of ketchup.  And even though even I don't make them that often any more, I've graduated to a good cheddar, real butter, and SOSU sriracha ketchup. Sometimes I will throw in an egg in too, but then I am not sure that is technically still … [Read more...]

Interview with Courtney Taira of King’s Hawaiian

I think I have mentioned before that my Mom's side of the family are Portuguese immigrants with family from the Azores Islands. In the San Francisco Bay Area there was (I am not sure how large it is now) a huge Portuguese community and in particular Portuguese Catholic.  Every town had a St. Anthony's Portuguese Catholic Association and a hall. Those halls were magical places where people … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #130

Let's get cozy and explore some my recent favorite content out there in the blogosphere.  Then when you have finished reading what I have to share, tell me some of your favorite discoveries of late. [1] I am a big fan of food trucks and the food truck scene here in San Francisco is awesome. Of course, Paris being close to my heart I am innately curious about the ever expanding street food … [Read more...]

Pau Hana Market Waikiki

After a gallon of wine tasting with Colgin Cellars and Kermit Lynch I needed food!  Right around the corner from the Halekulani hotel where the wine events had taken place is a new food truck area called Pau Hana Market Waikiki.  Currently with seven trucks and more to come you, this food truck court offers a great way to sample the local Hawaiian food scene with ramen, loco moco and lunch plates … [Read more...]

Amuse-Bouche (Food News) for June 28

Welcome back to my weekly food news series where I share a little bit of the news that has come across my plate in the last seven days. I love Cowgirl Creamery, and lucky for me it is 2 blocks down the street at the Ferry Building. But in terms of where the company is based, they are located in the richly dairy Point Reyes area on the Marin coast. After decades in the restaurant business, … [Read more...]

Bits of Boston

Towards the end of October, I traveled to Boston for a week.  It was a busy five days with work and a conference, but I had a great time and wanted to share some highlights.  Of course the World Series was also going on so that added to the excitement! [Yes I realize I am woefully behind on posts, but I am catching up slowly but surely!] I flew in on Saturday so that my girlfriend and I could … [Read more...]

Friday Food Foto – Me Méli Loukoumades

Golden Greek goodness.  That what I called these Loukoumades from the Me Méli food cart in my AFAR highlight and I still haven't found a better way to describe them! I visited with two of the three sisters that run Me Méli while I was out at a work event and they were as nice as can be.  Only two months into the food truck biz and their hot fried dough with honey, cinnamon and walnut are … [Read more...]