J’adore – Mary’s Secret Ingredients


I am a big fan of local, seasonal artisanal food products.  It is a way of supporting small business, the farming and food community and a wonderful way to explore new edibles!  I was really pleased when Mary’s Secret Ingredients extended an invitation to try out her summer box. What I love about Mary’s Secret […]

Interview with Burgerator Founder Ammar Shallal

Ammar Shallal

I love me some burgers. I just don’t let myself eat them as often as I really (really) want to.  From time to time, I let myself go a little crazy, like when I was researching for the best burgers in San Francisco article for the Groupon San Francisco City blog, but generally speaking I […]

J’adore #52


It’s back!  I have really missed doing this series and finally had time to put together recent finds.  For those of you unfamiliar with the J’adore, it is my series where I share things that have caught my eye during my internet travels as well as products that have crossed my path in real life. […]

French Friday – La Fête de la Chandeleur

French-Friday- on-Misadventures-with-Andi

Said with a French accent: Screw the groundhog bring on the crêpes! That is the dialogue I imagine from every Frenchman on February 2nd. Okay, yes. It was just me! This past Tuesday was La Chandeleur (also known as Candlemas) which the people of France (and other pre-dominantly Catholic) countries celebrate as the end of […]

Saturday Six #33


I’m cheating this week. I’m telling you right off that I have more than six posts in my Saturday Six, couldn’t be helped, I just could not whittle my list down. As I continuously add blogs to my already massive blog feed I might have to start calling this weekly post Saturday Sixty!  There are […]

Saturday Six #9


I am still at Blissdom but was still able to find time to catch up on some blog reading. It is so inspiring to be around other bloggers, it is an affirmation of what I like best about this “hobby.” I learn, I share, I absorb and I know it will make me a better […]

More London: Fish and Chips and being a Fairweather Granddaughter

When my husband and I first decided that we would go to Paris through London I immediately had two thoughts: Mamma Mia and Fish and Chips. Growing up, every time London was mentioned, my grandfather would talk about the fish and chips, praising the food non-stop. He had spent time in the UK during WWII […]

Airport food is not much better than airplane food

There are very few healthy options for food in airports. It is sad really, you have to pack your own food or be subjected to fast food or junk food. It does not take more effort to offer healthier options, quick can be done well. I understand why road warriors going from airport to airport […]