Carry On (Travel News) for Aug 10

Let's take a quick trip, throw a few things in your backpack, camera bag or small carry on and let's hit the door!  I've got 3 oz sizes of travel-related news and events to share just for you. No need for a visa or passport stamps, we aren't going to far, just enough for a little escape from reality and to dream about places near and far. If you have news to share, drop me a line and I could … [Read more...]

Travel Makes Me Sparkle – #SparkleWithDASANI

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DASANI® Sparkling Water. I definitely (definitely!) write a lot about food here!  But the reality is, travel drives my entire being. Travel is the thing that makes me sparkle. I could not imagine my life without exploration.  Luckily I have a life partner that wouldn't have it any other way. Why am I telling you this? Well...I … [Read more...]

Happy 5 Years Misadventures with Andi!

Today is my 5-Year Blogiversary. Can I say I feel my age? Misadventures with Andi has been quite an adventure, although at this moment it feels a little more like a misadventure as my focus and energy are devoted to a few other things at the moment. However, this spot in the blogosphere is still the love of my life and I want to thank Jennifer, Andi, Walker, Clarabela, and Lindsey who have … [Read more...]

Newbie Photography Kit for Travelers

Wow!  Office supply stores have evolved! I for one did not realize the variety of items that you can pick up at them these days, its mind-blowing! When I was contacted about doing some exploring on I was hesitant. What could a foodie and a traveler find that would be appealing? Already have all the pens I might need. Little did I know! But was about to find out. The … [Read more...]

J’adore – Jewelsies

This is not the first time that I have written about how much I adore Kate and her jewelry shops Jewelsies and Half Hours.  As a francophile, her items call to me.  But beyond the French or Parisian-themed necklaces, earrings and pendants, she also crafts beautiful art deco, antique-styles and mix metal pieces that appeal to just about anyone.  Kate is delightful, hard-working and extremely … [Read more...]

J’adore – Lessons from Madame Chic

Sunday night I was watching Un Bonheur N'arrive Jamais Seul which came out in cinemas this past summer in France (Happiness Never Comes Alone in English).  It stars Gad Elmaleh, an actor I adore and Sophie Marceau who I find to be a gorgeous representation of the French woman I would die to be.  She is beautiful, always well-dressed, her hair and makeup are always subtle.  She is not too skinny or … [Read more...]

J’adore – Eat Boutique

The first time I encountered Maggie, the mastermind behind Eat Boutique, was at professional social media conference three years ago in Boston. She was speaking on a panel about community while in the process of transitioning from Trip Advisor to Haven in Paris where she had begun to work with. Being an avid reader of Haven in Paris my ears perked up when her bio was given and while I didn't meet … [Read more...]

J’adore – A Slice of Delight

I first introduced you to A Slice of Delight back in when I interviewed the owner, Hilary, for a French Friday feature and giveaway.  Hilary is a francophile who has spent time in France, lives in Berkeley where her kids attend the French school and is the creative mind behind her own soap business. She disappeared for a year, all for a good reason.  She spent that time volunteering with her … [Read more...]

J’adore: Photos & Generations

To say that I adore Jennifer James is an understatement. She has been a shining light in my blogging life. I share my highs and my lows and she gives me a shoulder, an ear and lots of great ideas. That in and of itself would be enough except that she is just plain talented. She crafts posts that pull me in, she is constantly innovating and exploring new topics within her niche and beyond on her … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – My Blog Giveaway Tips

I thought I would use this week's Social Media Sunday to cover my thoughts and tips on giveaways. I have done giveaways for the past several years here on Misadventures with Andi and in a professional capacity as a social media manager for my employer. The giveaways have had success and failures and by sharing my experiences I hope you can benefit from them.  I am definitely not an expert so … [Read more...]