RV Eating for the Holidays

DISCLOSURE: This post is brought to you by Lucerne® Dairy Farms and Safeway.  All opinions and holiday meals I eat are of my own choosing, but these guys brought a little bit of home (the West coast) to us here in the Florida Keys. As I've shared before, living and traveling in a RV, I can become a little disassociated with what's going on in the world. I can go days without knowing the date … [Read more...]

Holiday Break

I am taking a little bloggy break for the holidays, back in a few days! … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #177: Capturing the Holiday

Last year Mr. Misadventures and I spent Christmas in Key West. And while I didn't love Key West overall (although the color of the ocean there has captured my heart forever) there were aspects of it that I did enjoy.  One thing that I found really amusing were the decorations.  It just seems odd to have snowmen and snowflakes in a spot that is so hot! I guess it is just as weird as seeing … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #139: Wrapped

It started innocently enough with this addition to my desk (don't mind the wrapping paper all around it, imagine just hanging from my lamp on a "normal" desk). I bought it to counteract the Christmas decorations that my cubicle neighbor had put up in her cubicle. It was my small statement about my feelings on the holiday.  I spotted on Etsy and thought it was adorable. I guess I made one too … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas 2011

Last month I wrote about spending a virtual holiday in Paris, and while I am currently in Florida, which is definitely not the same thing, I have wonderful memories of Christmas in Paris and in France in general that I can pull out and re-live. Every francophone or expat who has had a holiday in Paris/France is likely to have one of their own and I asked some of my blogging friends living abroad … [Read more...]

T'was the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, at the beach, not our house Not a creature was stirring, no click of a mouse; Our luggage unpacked in the hotel room with care In hopes that tomorrow's room service would be there? The Misadventurers were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of seafood and snorkeling danced in their heads; And I in my t-shirt, my husband in his too, Had just settled down … [Read more...]

Typical Spanish Christmas meals

If there’s something I would never change about Spain (and note that this would probably be the only thing) is its gastronomy. Especially for these days, so close to Christmas, I can’t wait for the moment to come back to my home town and share great dishes made by my mother. Of course, each region has a specialty, let’s have a look at some of the most famous. Please, if someone knows of others, … [Read more...]

Joyeux Noël

Here's wishing you a happy holiday no matter how you celebrate or where! I wish you all joy and am always appreciative of the joy you bring me! Have fun whatever you do today! … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

Ok, so my intentions were good.  I was going to do a clever poem or haiku like last year when I did three (here, here and here), this year I am way crazy. Totally all self-induced.  I had only 2 weeks between my two trips and a lot of things to take care at the same time running the 17 Days of Christmas; prepping all my lovely guest posts; preparing and wrapping up projects at work because I leave … [Read more...]

Christmas haiku

As is tradition, I am leaving you with a holiday haiku. Wherever you are in the world, whatever holiday you may celebrate, I wish you a safe and happy time.Christmas tree haikuThe Christmas tree standingsoftly glowing in the roomthe tree lights shining.Gifts waiting belowtheir secrets wrapped up withinuntil Christmas day.Ornaments restingtelling stories as they restof the years gone by.Star on top … [Read more...]