J’adore #57

It's been awhile since I have done a straight-up old school style J'adore (you have to go back to Dec 2013 for #56!) and in the spirit of the recently resurrected Saturday Six, I am returning to some classic Misadventures with Andi series posts! Also since all my series badges have my old look and feel I will have to make due with playing around with Canva (I am totally addicted) until I have new … [Read more...]

GODIVA Summer Fling

I have been selected as a GODIVA Ambassador and this is a post written by me on behalf of GODIVA. Ah…the summer fling. To me that brings back memories of movies like Grease or Dirty Dancing. If you weren’t born until the 80’s or 90’s trust me, keep reading, there is still something for you to relate to! When I kneel before the alter of Google I see that summer flings mean a lot of … [Read more...]

Oh la la, Godiva!

I have been selected as a GODIVA Ambassador and this is a post written by me on behalf of GODIVA. Delicious. Decadent. Indulgent. I am so worth it. Okay so maybe trying every single flavor of GODIVA's new Trufflelata line is a "little" overindulgent, but how could I refuse? The kind folks at GODIVA invited me to a special event at one of their four boutique in San Francisco where I … [Read more...]

Godiva Summer of Love (and Chocolate!)

I have been selected as a GODIVA Ambassador and this is a post written by me on behalf of GODIVA. My Chocolate Story I grew up in a household full of sweet tooths. My mother was quite fond of chocolate, so I'd guess you'd say that my appreciation for all the decadence derived from the cocoa bean is in the genes! By no means did I grow up deprived, but my chocolate experiences were limited … [Read more...]

36 Hours in Portland

At the beginning of October I went to Portland for 36 hours.  I was there for work and my schedule was packed but when I was not working I was eating (and even sometimes when I was working!).  I love Portland and the Pacific Northwest in general.  As I have mentioned before this area of the US feels like home to me.  It is the region that Mr. Misadventures and I will mostly likely retire to one … [Read more...]

WoCavé Adventures

This is a sponsored guest post written by me on behalf of Nestlé® SKINNY COW®. Man caves. It is a concept that most Americans are quite familiar with, but for my non-U.S. friends it's a generally accepted term to describe the room where I man can sit on his leather chair with his can of beer, watch as much sports as he wants, with or without his other man friends, and be free of … [Read more...]

J’adore #48 (Candy Edition 2)

I am not sure if it is coming off the holiday season or if it's because we are closing in on Valentine's Day, but I have candy on the brain! If I ate as much candy as I am currently thinking about I would be 500 pounds! Problem is, I have already  tried several of these items over the past month! I am hoping that putting together this J'adore where candy is the star, it will get it out of my … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #118 on Sunday

It's been awhile, I know! Life seems to be getting in the way of my blog reading. Last week I was at a 4-day sales and marketing meeting where breakfast started at 7:30 and I fell into bed each night after 11 (or later) this included last Saturday too. This week was catch up from last week, plus I am participating in trip to the wine country sandwiched between my wedding anniversary!  All fun … [Read more...]

J’adore #46 (The Office Edition)

Not bored of these yet are you? You keep asking for more J'adore so I'm going to keep supplying you with things I have spotted while traveling the interwebs....until you cry uncle! I've got boards and boards that I have created on Clipix (see my post on visual social media to learn more) all separated into different buckets of themes.  This week I am bringing you items for the office.  I hate to … [Read more...]

J'adore #34

I got some bandwidth! (See my post from yesterday to understand why this excites me!) That means that I can bring you another edition of J'adore, my series cool things, or yummy things, or just plain interesting things that I have spotted during my internet travels. Ready? Here we go! I am a big fan of salted caramel. I've seen its application in candy, brownies, etc but I like the thought of … [Read more...]