Friday Foodie – Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking

I adore the sensational food blog What's Gaby Cooking and am constantly stalking Gaby on Instagram! When she responded to a posting I left on Facebook seeking additional food bloggers for interviews, I was beyond thrilled!  The only other person I've seen who lives cheese as much as Gaby does is my friend Jennifer in France who writes at Chez Loulou. Gaby is an author who has gone to both … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #122

I continue to love putting together this series which gives me an opportunity to highlight bloggers/writers/chefs who are putting out content that appeals to me.  I hope that if you are a fan of Misadventures with Andi, that we might have some things in common and you'll appreciate my Saturday Six picks as well :-) [1] I know I have said it a million times, but I love connecting with new blogs! … [Read more...]

French Friday – Beyond Paris with Chez Loulou

Jennifer started appearing on Misadventures with Andi in various forms in May of 2010. I had been reading her blog, Chez Loulou, for several months, fascinated by her dedication to French cheeses. I eventually got up the nerve to ask her to guest post about the cheese festival in her neck of the woods, Fête des fromages Rocamadour.  I LOVE cheese, so I have been a huge fan of the blog for a long … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #116

After being sick all last week, this week was so much better!  There was no Saturday Six last week because I was (a) still recovering and feeling lazy and (b) I went to my first wine crush (more on that tomorrow). If you are a frequent reader then you might have noticed there's a new look around here!  I launched my new design on Monday.  I want to thank Jen of JenX67 for lending me her … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #115

I just returned from a social media conference in San Diego, a spot I seemed to end up several times a year and each time I go there it grows on me more and more. I stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton where the conference was actually being held.  I am a Starwood/SPG fan, so my first inclination is always to stay at one of their properties, but there is a convenience factor when a conference is … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #111

Happy Saturday everyone! It was a cold week in San Francisco and I spent half of my time cursing the weather. I guess I shouldn't friends in Paris are suffering from a heat wave and I would rather be cold than hot! I spent last weekend cranking out the rest of my Southwest Roadtrip Reports so the end is near!  I am really struggling to figure out how to keep up with the trip reports … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #93

I don't want to be cliché and ask where the hell January went but, "where the hell did January go?!" I went from the holiday break to prepping and then attending CES to a long weekend in Paris back again only to get food poisoning that took me down for a week, then a social media conference this week and January is OVER!  Was January like that for you? One benefit of being under the weather is … [Read more...]

J'adore #28

What better way to spend Cyber Monday that looking at some of the things that I am adoring online!  I am sure there are a thousands of deals everywhere (of which I will not be participating in) but please remember to consider the small business owners who would love some extra shoppers this holiday season. As usual, its all about food! Maybe its because I will be in a bathing suit in three weeks, … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #65 (on Sunday)

The temperature dropped by twenty degrees between Thursday and Saturday here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Winds picked up to, all a formula for a nice migraine. Therefore we have Saturday Six on a Sunday! Lots of good posts this week, I could not get completely through me reader, but here are the six I selected. [1] I loved Karin of An Alien Parisienne's post on the Salon de la Mort. It is … [Read more...]

French Friday – Beyond Paris: My South of France

Last Friday we had the last A Passion for Paris post and now today, we have the final Beyond Paris guest post. It comes from Chez Loulou who has guest posted for me before about the fête du fromage. She returns to discuss the France where she lives. The south.  There are many south of Frances, known to many people, but not many know, or can experience the true south of France in the way that … [Read more...]