Saturday Six #92

I don't usually suffer greatly from jetlag, but since I got food poisoning the night I returned from Paris, I have it in spades!  Happily for me this is one of my "short" weeks (I have every other Friday off) and I got to catch up on blog reading because frankly I wasn't feeling up to doing anything else.  So here are my Saturday Six picks for this week. [1] Addiction to Pinterest is not uncommon … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #65 on Monday

Well I am starting to see the light. There will be posts!  Proof: here is my Saturday Six! Yes, yes. I know it is Monday, but it means I got a chance to catch up on blog reading and soon I will be catching up on blog posting, including...wait for it....vacation posts!  Thus far I have only teased with these: Relais Chateau Hotel Brittany and Chateau Richeux Redux, but more will get written next … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #65 (on Sunday)

The temperature dropped by twenty degrees between Thursday and Saturday here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Winds picked up to, all a formula for a nice migraine. Therefore we have Saturday Six on a Sunday! Lots of good posts this week, I could not get completely through me reader, but here are the six I selected. [1] I loved Karin of An Alien Parisienne's post on the Salon de la Mort. It is … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #49

Wow what a week, literally kicked my butt! I flew back from the CES show in Las Vegas on Monday and immediately jumped into a jam-packed work week only somewhere along the line I picked up a flu bug making it nearly four weeks in a row of being sick with one thing or the other, which is really unusual for me. But extra time in the airport due to a late flights and bed time did give me plenty of … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #47

Today is my last day in Tokyo before moving on to Beijing tomorrow. I get to spend it with friends, colleagues I used to work with at my old job, a perfect ending to a perfect week. [Road trip report coming soon, promise!] This week's Saturday Six photo is from loading dock 6 of the Tsukiji Fish Market, a place I had never been to until this trip.  More on that later as well. Enough teasing … [Read more...]