Saturday Six #10

Photo credit: Darwin Bell

Wow, this week just flew by! I am not sure if was catch-up from Blissdom or the fact that I am transitioning into a new role at work, but in either case, we are Saturday again!  It is a 3-day weekend for me and we are heading out for a weekend away. Only problem is […]

Blissdom 2010 recap


First some housekeeping notes. Unfortunately, this post is going to be a little LONG, it is hard to recap several days in a single post without it getting a long (as you know from my Paris Road Trip Reports). So before I get into this post I just wanted to tell you a few things. […]

Guest post: 11 ways to get through the holidays without fantasizing about divorce


I found Alisa Bowman‘s blog Project Happily Ever After from the comments section of one of Problogger’s 31DBBB posts.  The name of her blog struck my interest, I read a few of her posts and I liked what I saw. Alisa is the co-author and ghost writer of 6 NY Times best sellers (impressive!); the […]

Saturday Six #4 – double edition!


Since I was out of town last Saturday and unable to really be online to read and tell you about my six favorite posts of the prior week, I am doing a double edition this week!  Yesterday was my off Friday, so I started reading blog posts in my reader at 6:00 a.m. (still have […]

Saturday Six – First Edition

Number 6

Some of my bloggy friends do various variations of weekly posts that highlight their favorite reads of the week.  I really like it and have decided to try out my own version. I am a big fan of alliteration so I choose Saturday Six.  I know.  I am lame, but you love me anyway!  This […]

Do online relationships translate offline


Yes. They. Do. I had already had the experience of meeting people at a blogging conference and clicking and then continuing the relationship online.  I met blogging buddies  (whom I refer to as “my Iowa gals”)  Paula and Jody, at Blissdom in February, and they continue to be my buds. Last weekend at Type-A-Mom we […]