Happy birthday Julie Roads!

I met Julie over Twilight comments and my life has never been the same. She is a talented writer, a successful blogger, a savvy businesswoman and a wonderful friend.  She is witty and clever and full of life. A petite thing like me, we are both around 5 feet tall, but she is large and in charge! We met for the first time last September for Type-A-Mom conference and fell in love. Then we spent a … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #29

I am feeling a bit tired today so Saturday Six will only be four.  I am still trying to catch up on a long trip home from Orcas Island on Monday and a very busy work week.  So without further delay, here are my picks for this week. [1] I have already written about the fact that I can't say good-bye, but I really how Keith of Traveling Savage shared his philosophy on being the goodbye traveler.  … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #28

Happy Saturday! If you are a cycling fan, the Tour de France starts today and you can admire the lovely French scenery as they broadcast the race, that's my favorite part! I am enjoying a 4-day weekend.  Yesterday was my off-Friday and I have Monday off for the 4th of July holiday - it's a pont (bridge) as they would say in France!  To take advantage of the four days off,  my hubby and I are … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #27

When I look over my selections this week for Saturday Six I see two themes: love/marriage and etiquette.  I didn't plan it that way.  Throughout the week as I read your many, many blog posts (I have over 300 blogs in my reader), I copy the urls of those that really stick with me into a draft post. Then on Saturday, I look at my draft and see what I have added. Sometimes there is a pattern, … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #24

Can I just say that it is incredibly hard to find a picture of six mochi?  It is not a very popular number in Asian culture, so I couldn't find any photos with six in them!  So I went with rice which is the key ingredient in mochi instead.  Why do I have mochi on the brain? Well it is really two people's fault, you'll have to check out this week's Saturday Six #3 to find out. You can definitely … [Read more...]

EAT Pray Love (and Drink)

A few weeks ago I blogged about what my version of Eat Pray Love would be. I believe nearly everyone can relate to at least one aspect of Elizabeth Gilbert's story. I was thinking just that when it hit me that two of my best blogging buddies,  Julie of Writing Roads, Alisa of Project Happily Ever After, and I make the perfect triad! So it felt natural to reach out to Julie and Alisa to … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #18

You know what happens when I take a mini-blogcation? I get to read more blogs! So of course this week's Saturday Six isn't six, it's seven. But you have come to expect that from me, right? I actually had more but wanted to be reasonable and not make this post too long.  So here goes: [1] I discovered this wonderful new blog from someone who lives in the Pays Basque region of France.  It is an … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #16

Nearly the end of March? Unbelievable.  I have not seen this month at all.  A sign that there are too many things going on and some adjustments will need to be made. Do you do that? Take stock on a frequent basis to make sure that the things you do are meaningful and bring value to your life?  If not, you should.  Life is not a junket organized to the infinitesimal detail but rather a safari. We … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #13

Had a crazy week this week and next won't be any calmer. I was in training to finish a certification I have been trying to complete for nearly two years. All the while also keeping up on work emails and tweeting for my company. Needless to say, I did not have much time for reading all your lovely blog posts in my reader as I was catching up on other things in the evening. None-the-less, I still … [Read more...]

The Big Reveal

I have been very conscientious about having photos of myself on the internet.  I use an avatar everywhere.  I don't add photos to Facebook and I don't have photos of myself or my husband on this blog.  For me it has been a matter of privacy. Sort of, despite the fact that I am an avid user of social media, it was the last bastion of my inner world. Of course, I don't go around with a bag on my … [Read more...]