Project Happily Ever After: A must read coming soon


It’s no secret around here that I am a big fan of Alisa Bowman. She is my fabulous friend, a talented blogger, a successful writer with a prolific ghost-writing career.  But now she is something else. Author of her OWN book.  Yah, I said it.  Her. Own. Book. One you will not want to miss […]

Saturday Six #42


My first full week back from vacation and it was a doozy. I can still remember that I was on vacation but it is fleeting.  Time to think about trips coming up!  What? Think I’m crazy? Well I know there is at least one other person out there who gets that! First up is a […]

Saturday Six #40 on Sunday


I know, I know. I just got finished telling you that I did not have time for a Saturday Six and here I am doing just that! I blasted through my to-do list and I didn’t have a post ready for today, so I thought, “why not?” Just a disclaimer, I did not get a […]

Saturday Six #39


Traveling on the East Coast this week, jumping from airport to city to airport to city, so did not get a lot or blog reading and commenting in, but found six favorites nonetheless! [1] Twenty-five years since Breakfast Club came out, can it be? As a member of the infamous Generation X, I grew up […]

Saturday Six #38


You know all those weeks when I said was really busy?  Scratch all of them, this week was it.  I was literally cross-eyed I had so much going on.  But it’s all good, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?! I did not have a ton of time to read blog posts, but I […]

Saturday Six #37

Saturday Six 37

I am writing this post from the lovely Vancouver, British Columbia. The hotel I am staying in, the Westin Bayshore, overlooks the harbor and the view is gorgeous.  Will post more on my trip next week.  For now let’s talk about my picks for this week. I have grouped them together into little themes because […]

Saturday Six #36


I didn’t have too much time for blog reading this week, work was very busy (do I say that every week?). Summer is trying to happen here in San Francisco and the constant changes in the weather tire me out!  It’s nearly a month until I leave for France and that is occupying my thoughts […]

Saturday Six #35

Six Fins

Happy Saturday! As you read this I am somewhere in the San Francisco Bay learning to kayak.  It’s something that my husband has wanted to learn to do for a very long time.  The San Juan Islands are the perfect location to kayak in and we want to be able to do it on future […]

Happy birthday Alisa Bowman!


I met Alisa last year at the Type-A-Mom blogging conference in Asheville, North Carolina. She had come to meet Julie, and so had I. Julie is a social butterfly and she soon hooked us up with Anne-Fitten and well, as the saying goes, the rest is history! Alisa and I bonded in a seemingly unconventional […]

Saturday Six #33


I’m cheating this week. I’m telling you right off that I have more than six posts in my Saturday Six, couldn’t be helped, I just could not whittle my list down. As I continuously add blogs to my already massive blog feed I might have to start calling this weekly post Saturday Sixty!  There are […]



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