Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 8: Monutment Valley to Moab and Sorrel River Ranch

Misadventures-with-Andi-Road-Trip-ReportDay 8 was a travel day for us.  We slept in a bit and had a picnic breakfast in our room while enjoying the view of Monument Valley.  Our destination for the day was Moab where we would be staying at Sorrel River Ranch for a luxurious 2-day stay prior to heading home.  The drive from Monument Valley to Moab is three hours and we had planned a stop along the way.

We took a little side road onto Highway 261 in order to drive through the Valley of the Gods.  Made up of similar rock formations as those in Monument Valley, but absolutely FREE and self-guided we spent an hour driving the route and taking photos.  It was a bit windy and nearly deserted, a good spot to beat the crowds.

Empty roads through the Valley of the Gods

Empty roads through the Valley of the Gods (Photo Credit: Mr. Misadventures)

I tried to take some photos of flowers, but the wind was a problem, although I did manage to capture this one.

Flowers in the Valley of the Gods

Flowers in the Valley of the Gods

The rock formations are in a lot of interesting and fun shapes and we made a game of figuring them out, this one looks like an Indian chief to me!

Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods – is that an Indian chief?

We enjoyed the time spent there but eventually made our way to Moab.  Our final days on the trip were going to be spent in luxury, a reward for all the sand, dirt, heat, driving, early mornings, etc.  Kristin of Camels & Chocolate had blogged about staying at Sorrel River Ranch for her anniversary when she was doing her Western Roadtrip and when Mr. Misadventures mentioned it as a possibility for the end of our trip I said, “right on!”

It was nice to see a little more civilization when we arrived into town, there were restaurants, grocery stores, even a Starbucks, but Sorrel River Ranch is not in town, it’s another thirty minutes out on Highway 128 (mile marker 17 to be precise).  We drove along the Colorado River stopping at the Castle Creek Winery for a few supplies and headed to the ranch.  We ended up with a really great suite facing the river with an adorable porch.

The Colorado River from our front porch at Sorrel River Ranch

The Colorado River from our front porch at Sorrel River Ranch (iPhone photo)

We set-up an afternoon apéro with the wine, cheese and crackers we had purchased at the winery and just relaxed.  Mr. Misadventures took a dip in their beautiful pool while I tried to connect to the world with my laptop (without much luck, great for Verizon users, not so good for AT&T).

Afternoon apéro on our porch at Sorrel River Ranch

Afternoon apéro on our porch at Sorrel River Ranch (Photo credit: Mr. Misadventures)

I was seriously eyeing the big bed for a nap but I kept myself awake with thoughts of what a good night sleep I was going to get!

Part of our room at the Sorrel River Ranch

Part of our room at the Sorrel River Ranch (Photo credit: Mr. Misadventures)

We also had a huge bathroom and kitchen area which we neglected to take photos of!  By the time the dinner hour came around we were just too tired to be bothered with dressing and walking over to the restaurant so we ordered room service and stayed in our sweats!  Craving some red meat we both had steaks with fingerling potatoes and more wine from the winery – score!

Hadn't seen real beef in a long time!

Hadn’t seen real beef in a long time! Sorrel River Ranch steak. (Apologies to my vegetarian friends!)

Belly full and satisfied it was not too long afterward that I fell asleep in that bed!  The next day we would be exploring Canyonlands.

How about you? Have you visited Moab? What spots have you been to?

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  1. Yep been to Moab it’s beautiful

  2. Great pictures. It all looks so delightful.

  3. I think the interior of our riverside Sorrel room was one of my favorites ever–or am I just swayed because they’re pet-friendly and left a bed, basket of toys and treats, bowls, etc. for little Ella? Nah, I think it’s because the place is just plain magic =)

  4. lydia goodman says:

    Beautiful place! Never been, but I might just have to consider it after seeing these great reviews and photos

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