Saturday Six #98

Saturday Six 98Back this week after taking a break.  I am allowing myself not to blog when I feel like I need a break. After looking at some of the responses from my annual reader survey some of you would like to see me blog less (so that you can keep up!) and I am working out what that means.  I figure if I feel like I need a break for a day or two then I should honor it.

I will be making some other adjustments and tweaks based on feedback, one of them is getting rid of my Photo of the Day series which didn’t get much interaction and added to the sheer volume of posts that people had to keep up with.  Since I am having so much fun with my cameras and photography in general, I will figure out other ways to integrate my photos into this space.

San Francisco has been under water this week, much needed rain, but oh baby has it been coming down!  Paris got some sunny days and Tahoe got new snow.   I hope wherever you are the weather (and that nasty time change) are treating you right.  If it is cold and rainy in your part of the world, maybe you can settle down with this week’s Saturday Six picks!

[1] Growing up military meant making new friends every 2-3 years, leaving existing ones behind.  That means friends all over the world. In addition, I have had the privilege of doing a fair amount of travel throughout my career making friends out of colleagues whom I still keep in contact with despite moving on to other companies.  I have also met bloggers from all over the world, some of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in person.  I tend to gravitate towards people who like to travel, whether that means moving from place to place or just doing a lot of visiting.  I would say based on her blog post “friendship and wanderlust” that Kristin of Camels & Chocolate pretty much feels the same.

[2] The title of Susan of Transient Travel’s post is what caught my eye most.  In “if Bourdain came to Boston, I’d take him to Island Creek Oyster Bar” got me thinking about my own day/night with Anthony Bourdain fantasy!

[3] International Women’s Day and the 100 anniversary of the Girl Scouts in the same week made for a lot of interesting posts out there on the interwebs.  The post I liked the most was Julochka’s from Moments of Perfect Clarity who called for “feminine way of organizing things” which I think is exactly what is needed.

[4] Again that military upbringing means I grew up in an authoritarian household where we were taught to honor and respect authority.  I did not rebel against this, so for the most part I follow the rules.  I can tell you that being married to a French guy who absolutely questions everything anyone says makes life very interesting. What I have learned after ten years together is that there are times when breaking the rules has its rewards, which is exactly what Christine of C’est Christine blogged about recently.

[5] I have said many times that you don’t have to travel far to travel.  An hour down the road can bring you new experiences and open up your mind.  Certainly with the enormity of the United States there is a lot of domestic travel that can expand your horizons.  Having said that, I do still think it is of vital importance to visit foreign lands.  I don’t think you can understand your own country until you have left it for a bit.  I am well aware that this is not a luxury everyone can undertake which is why I believe any kind of travel is a necessity.  This philosophical debate is something that Spencer of The Traveling Philosopher has been exploring as well.

[6] I have not spent to much time in Provence, but when I plan my next trip, who better to take advice from than Vicki Archer from French Essence?  This fabulous frenchy multi-book author and blogger lives in this area of France and you would be hard pressed not to heed her recommendations.

I had to include this post from Parisien Salon, an interview with Luc Dubanchet which is fresh, insightful and full of local recommendations.  This is definitely one to bookmark for my next trip to Paris.

A bit of housekeeping…

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That’s it for this week!

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share? How do you discover new blogs?

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