Saturday Six #97 on Monday

Saturday Six 97Yes, it’s Saturday Six on a Monday, my blog, my rules! I am back from London, the week was fast and fabulous. Wish I had more time to wander around because the weather was beautiful, but I was there for work, so that is what I did. I can tell you it has left me with a hankering for a return visit which I think we are going to try to work in towards the end of 2012.

Had plenty of blog reading time as after I got through evening work emails and spent several hours each night hitting the RSS feed. It never disappears completely, but it is a way to keep busy when you can’t sleep due to jetlag! So here are last week’s picks.

[1] This image from Stuck in Customs of London’s Times Square, also known as Piccadilly Circus, just stuns me. I saw the photo on Saturday evening after just passed the exact spot earlier in the day. I went back on Sunday to see the exact angle that this photo was taken and if I could replicate it in any way. And not in my lifetime! But it is amazing, check it out!

[2] A couple of weeks ago (Saturday Six #95, see #4) Sara of Sara in Le Petit Village posted about the differences between the USA and France. She has now turned the tables in a post on why France is better than the USA. Got to love that she is fair right?

[3] Spencer of The Traveling Philospher wrote a really great piece on experiential travel and what the different approaches between being a traveler and a tourist. I think there are times when I am one more than the other, but I definitely lean towards the traveler, which doesn’t mean that I also don’t love being just a plain old tourist from time to time! Confused, read Spencer’s post to shed more light.

[4] One of items on the Mr. and Mrs. Misadventures bucket list is a trip to Kruger Park in South Africa. It is a big time and financial commitment and something that we would really love to do someday, especially to see the wildlife there, particularly the big five. I was reminded of that this week by a trip report from Pause the Moment who seemed to have the perfect African safari in three days time!

[5] Pining for Paris is something I am intimately familiar with! It is just something we francophiles who live outside of Paris think about and lament over. This past week it was Amy of God I Love Paris’s turn to remind us of things she misses about Paris.

[6] I watched The Monkees (the re-runs and marathons) on TV when I was a child and absolutely adored them. My favorite was Davy Jones and I was really bummed with the news of his passing. The post discussing the impact of this news from Humble Little Cafe really touched me and I wanted to share it with you.

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That’s it for this week!

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share? How do you discover new blogs?

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  1. Hey Andi! Thanks so much for featuring my Kruger National Park article. I really appreciate it!

  2. Thanks for featuring me again Andi. You’ve made my week 🙂

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