Saturday Six #95

Saturday Six #95Breathless. That’s how I feel. I was only out of the office three days last week, yet it honestly felt like a month!  I am heading to London at the end of next week and I have a lot of things on my to-do list to complete before I depart.

This weekend we are “stuck” on our side of the Bay because the Bay Bridge is closed while they do more work on it, which means no dim sum in the city, although I am sure that won’t stop us from having my weekend addiction somewhere!

Today Mr. Misadventures and I are taking a compass/orientation class (trust me, I sense an amusing blog post coming out of it) as we prepare for our Utah road trip in May.  We’ll be going to some places that require use of a GPS and if that doesn’t work and something happens, I will need to know how to get myself out of the woods (or in this case, desert!).  We’ll be heading to Chez Panisse tonight, which I consider to be a just reward for a day outdoors.

If you are in the U.S. then you likely have a three-day weekend celebrating President’s Day, for the French isn’t winter break or something like that as well?  Whatever you are up to this weekend, thanks for your visit and enjoy yourselves!  Here are my Saturday Six picks to get you started.

[1] This week included Valentine’s Day which for me is just another day.  For many others it is a day to celebrate love and romance. I can totally appreciate that but I am more in line with Kasia of Love in the City of Lights, who wrote that romance is defined any way you want it! Maria also alluded to that with her vet and mushroom stories in her guest-post this week as well.  I am a big believer that Valentine’s Day is every day, and in whatever form it takes, it is the one that is right for you.

[2] I am fascinated by the love locks in Paris.  Every visit I make Mr. Misadventures walk over to the Pont des Arts to look at them.  And while there are locks on many of the bridges in Paris, I like looking at them on this bridge the best.  Despite not celebrating Valentine’s Day I am romantic at heart and it thrills me to look through the locks and see the physical evidence of so many love stories.  I was touched by Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland’s valient effort to fulfill a friend’s Valentine’s wish which she described in her post this week.

[3] I don’t want to bring the 80’s back, especially not the clothes and hairstyles, but these days I can look back at photos and not cringe (sort of). I loved the post that Jen of Jen X Generation shared from Solitaire Miles because I could totally relate to all the things she mentioned. Roller skating, Teen Beat and I swear if you put my head on top of the body in the photo I had that exact same outfit!

[4] I can’t help but love a good US versus France post, especially when I am familiar with both sides! My head was nodding up and down on just about every item that Sara of Sara in Le Petit Village listed!  I can’t wait for part two which is going to turn the tables around!

[5] After France my second favorite place to eat in Europe is Spain (although Italy is really tied for that position too!). This week I shared part of a wine and tapas tour that Mr. Misadventures went on (part 2 is tomorrow) and I now have tapas on the brain.  Need to get some STAT.  Akila and Patrick of The Road Forks had more tantalizing photos and info to share about these tasty delights in their post “eat like a Spaniard.”

[6] It is no secret I adore Andi. The “other” Andi of My Beautiful Adventures! Since I started reading her several years ago her photo skills have gotten better and better (and trust me they weren’t horrible to begin with!).  I love the new meme, 7 Super Shots, that is making its way through the travel blogosphere because it is really fun to see the different styles of photography out there.  You know you have a good shot when you make a food item that a person normally does care for look like something they immediately want to dig into! Check out Andi’s photos including one of a very unique pizza in her response to the meme.

That’s it for this week!

Bonus: My second post on Dolby’s Tumblr about the GRAMMYs Rehearsal Mixing Process is up, check it out if you are interested.

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share? How do you discover new blogs?


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  1. Thank you soooo much for my shout out, I am SO touched like always!!! I wish you could taste that pizza, I’m not lying that you would want to eat it every single day for the rest of your life, it was THAT good!!! You should do this meme. 🙂

    • @Andi, I know it can happy. When Mr. Misadventures and I go to Moorea we eat the exact same thing for lunch every single day whether it is a 2-day trip 14 (seriously, we ate it for 14 days straight!).

  2. I love your longer posts!! I had some ka-razy adventures in Utah in 2005. Enjoy! I can’t wait to see pics. And, when do we get to see your tube-top/Linda Ronstadt-esque photo? #MustSee

    • @Jen, oh, need to hear some of those Utah stories, will think about sharing a photo – maybe just with you so you can see that I am not joking about putting my head on that photo!

  3. I’m so happy you liked my post Andi! And stayed tuned for part deux coming soon 🙂
    Hope you got your dim sum fix!

  4. So many travels on your horizon! When the Bay Bridge is closed, there’s really NO other way into the city? How limiting!

    Your compass class sounds interesting – Mr. C used a compass when we were in China, particularly when we got into an unmarked cab – he wanted to make sure we were actually being taken where we told him to go! I, on the other hand, am hopeless.

    Off to read your Dolby post!

    • @Lindsey, there are other bridges, but we have to go way around and our favorite dim sum spot is the first exit off the Bay Bridge, so it would be way inconvenient. I am thinking a small compass in my travel bag is not a bad thing to have just to assist with general sense of direction in unknown cities!

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