Saturday Six #93

Saturday Six 93I don’t want to be cliché and ask where the hell January went but, “where the hell did January go?!” I went from the holiday break to prepping and then attending CES to a long weekend in Paris back again only to get food poisoning that took me down for a week, then a social media conference this week and January is OVER!  Was January like that for you?

One benefit of being under the weather is I had a lot of time the past weekend and in the evening to get a ton of blog reading done.  It also seems every week I add 5 to 10 new blogs to read, so the RSS feed never gets smaller!   But I love traveling, even if it is just virtually through the blogosphere and I have a insatiable desire for discovering new things to read and new people to “meet.”  It’s that gypsy lifestyle I always wanted to live since I was a little girl.

But enough about me, let’s take a look at some great posts in this week’s Saturday Six!

[1] First a little love for the hometown, San Francisco! The amazing foodies over at White On Rice Couple spent some time in my fair city (okay, so I only work in it, but I am still claiming it!) doing photo shoots for two iconic San Francisco foodies.  The ladies of Bi-Rite ice cream and Mr. Charles Phan of the infamous Slanted Door, a must do restaurant if you ever visit the city.  Not only is the food amazing, but the view is spectacular!

Before jumping over to France (yes, I usually always somehow end up there) I have two more posts to share.

[2] JennyMac over at Let’s have a Cocktail did a hilarious post on “how to be a good air traveler.”  When you travel a lot you see these things all the time, but it is so fun to see them altogether in one post with Jenny’s wicked sense of humor thrown in.

[3] The next time I head to New York (and that should be August for BlogHer) I definitely want to check out film biz recycling an amazing spot that Jenna of Sweet Fine Day allowed us to peek inside of this past week.  For a film lover it would be fun to wander around and for a budding photographer an awesome place to shoot!

On to Paris and France….

[4] I am pretty sure that if you gave me a month in Paris I could figure out what to do, but that may not be the case for everyone! So if you need a little help, the ladies of Haven in Paris have put together some ideas. Can I have two months?

[5] One thing is certain when living in France (this may be the same for other countries too, but this is my experience), no matter how long you live there, they can still surprise and exasperate you! I have two posts that illustrate this point, a little cheat but, my blog my rules…. If you read David Lebovitz‘s blog (if you don’t, why NOT?) then you know he recently purchased an apartment and he is in the process of renovating it which brings along all sorts of issues.  But when you are an avid foodie, even a trip several hours outside of Paris to pick a sink can turn into a food adventure and I love the restaurant that David visited, not only because I love mussels, but I love the open-kitchen concept which you don’t see too much in France.

Another frustrating thing in France is services, or lack there of, and Chez Loulou had an experience with France Telecom that is [sadly] pretty typical.  While living over in France my husband would always get so mad at me every time I would rant, “why can’t they just..” “I don’t understand why…” “you’re telling me that I have to wait X…”  the French just somehow have it in their DNA to accept situations like these, while Americans used to customer service want to pull their hair out!

[6] Last week (Saturday Six #92, see number 6) I highlighted a post from Adventurous Kate because she had been in Paris the same weekend I had.  She posted some pictures this week from her trip that I think are pretty cool.  As a new addict of Instagram, (I know I am late, but my crappy iPhone 3 had tons of problems and I could never get the app to work until I got my iPhone4) I have an appreciation of some people’s artistic talent when it comes to making their iPhone photos look amazing. I am starting to explore the various apps out there to do this, do you have any favorites?

That’s it for this week!

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share? How do you discover new blogs?

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  1. I love all these links and am so jealous of David buying and renovating an apartment in Paris!

    • @GourmetChick, yes, a little pied-a-terre in Paris would suit me just fine! Although I wanted it “done” when I buy it and not have to go through all the pain to get it into shape!

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