Saturday Six #90

Saturday Six 90It’s the first Saturday of 2012, can you believe it? This week was a bit odd. I had Monday off still (making it really super long holiday break) so the first day back to work was Tuesday, which was my birthday.

I don’t really celebrate my birthday, never really have since it is so close to Christmas and New Year’s. But Mr. Misadventures went all out on the day before my birthday with a Frenchie-food-extravaganza!  Crepes for breakfast, followed by foie gras and champagne for a light lunch (those crepes can really fill you up!) and duck confit and lentils for dinner!  That is my kind of birthday present!  You can win me over with food ANY day!

Once I was back at work it was a crazy week making final preparations for the CES show in Las Vegas that I will attend again.  I will be out all week and in the office two days after that before heading to Paris for a long weekend.  It was a quick decision I made in December when Mr. Misadventures finalized a two week European business trip.  He was staying the weekend over in Paris, and I decided to join him (seriously, any excuse to get to Paris and I am there!).

But back to today.  This week’s Saturday Six covers a couple of weeks of blog travels, from the period prior to Christmas through this week. Not my usual pattern, but I didn’t really do a Saturday Six post during that time except the special end-of-the-year one I did last week.  So here they are:

[1] Recently someone who won a prize here on Misadventures with Andi send me an email letting me know they received their prize.  In the note she said she was jealous of all my travels and had only been to a few states.  My response to her and to anyone who will listen to me is “travel is travel is travel!”  Getting in your car and driving an hour away to discover a new part of your region is travel.  Travel is how you define it, no matter how large or small.  There will always be a million reasons not to travel, but those reasons will be there when you return, trust me.  I don’t really believe that much in resolutions, at least for me personally.  I respect that many people do and that is totally cool.   I like the list of travel resolutions that Boots N All had on their blog for 2012.  There is something for everyone.

[2] I am a big fan of Nicole of Little Brown Pen who has an amazing photo blog.  I learned on Lost in Cheeseland that she has a new book coming out based on her blog and I am really excited about it.  I was all prepared to let Jennifer of Memoirs of a Dutiful X’er know that her post, “Oklahoma Color Project Yellow” reminded me of Little Brown Pen. But then I stopped focusing on the photos and realized that she had mentioned her in the post and that the post was a sort of homage to Nicole.  I am intrigued because I have always been fascinated with the photo style that is monochromatic with a splash of color – I don’t know how to do it in PhotoShop and I want to learn!

[3] Someday I will meet Linda Donahue of Parisien Salon and when I do it will feel like meeting a very old friend.  Oftentimes when I am reading her words I feel like they could be mine.  I love the sentiment in the post she did, “a very Paris New Year.” Simplicity.  As I get older I strive for it, appreciate it and know that it is a key ingredient to inner peace and happiness.

[4] Which leads me to another post that further confirms my feelings on simplicity and minimalism.  It is of course from the  guru of minimalism himself, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, writing on his blog mnmlist. I would love to insert the whole post here but I can’t, go read and absorb it.  But I will share the last few lines as they resonate with me:

There is an empty room, and you. And you are enough. You are all that’s needed in this room, you fill it with your light and the miracle of your being, and you now realize: the things you used to express yourself, those were just a crutch. You need none of it. You are enough.

In spareness, you find enough.

[5] I didn’t blog over the holiday break, not until the last weekend of the year.  I had prepared a ton of posts ahead of time and took a blog-break for about a week and a half.  During that time I was doing some [blog] soul searching.  I was wondering whether I can really label myself a ‘travel blogger’ when I compare myself to others who are on the road extensively. But then Spudballoo, coming back from her own blog-break wrote a post included this adage: Blog like there’s no-one reading….

For me my blog is a creative outlet, one that I never knew I needed but could not now imagine my life without. I am passionate about travel and food, always have been and always will be, and that should be enough to satisfy the label of travel blogger – at least that I what I told myself coming out of the holiday break! I share that, because it is what I shared on Matt of Landloper’s post “What is a Travel Blog?”  Matt explored the topic a bit in a very insightful post that made me feel a little better about myself and this blog.

I am not going to do a sixth selection because I just realized the post I had bookmarked is from October, not sure I ended up doing that!  So that is it for this week!

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share?

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  1. Thanks, Andi. It’s kind of a pathetic homage. I’m in love with LIttle Brown Pen, which I found via your site a long time ago. My yellow post is a sad imitation, but I had fun doing it. I wish I knew more about Photoshop. I always say I’m going to learn it — along with the guitar and Mandarin. haha!

  2. Happy birthday. And yes, blog for you – if you love travel, the you have a travel blog.

    I’m also working on minimalism, but more on spending and groceries. I’m trying to simplify what we eat for health and to save money!!! It is just crazy expensive.

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