Saturday Six #87

Sat-Six-87God I love homeopathic medicines! It is thanks to working in Switzerland with a really great health plan. If I went to the pharmacy there was always a homeopathic option which was unheard of to me prior to living in Europe.  Pharmacies in France are the same.  And it is fabulous. I am lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area with stores that carry large varieties of homeopathic goods as well, although they aren’t recognized by most health plans (yet).

Why do I tell you this? Because I am currently fighting the flu, I am taking my homeopathic remedies, and while I don’t feel in tip-top shape, I am holding off the worst of the symptoms.  This one came on really fast, normally I can kill a cold nearly immediately and all naturally without chemicals.

So despite having the flu, I am able to blog!  The reward? This week’s Saturday Six! Seriously, that is reward enough, I already have too many giveaways going on!  So, let’s get to them:

[1] I thought this post from Jennifer of Hip as I Wanna Be, “How do you live your life, in the first row or third?” was really insightful and thought provoking.  I am fun natured but an observer so my natural position is as a second rower, but at work I tend to be a first row kind of gal.  How about you?

[2] I am fascinated by history which is why I really love Letters of Note.  Shaun offers the ability of viewing history via letters and telegrams etc that may never see the light of day.  You can learn so much from correspondence!  I was really surprised to learn about the connection between Marlon Brando and Martin Luther King Jr., so intriguing!

[3] I heart Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland and I love the I heart my city post she did, “I heart my city (Paris)” on National Geographic, yes, National Geogrpahic! It is a wonderful post on my favorite city!

[4] Confession: I am a terrible gift wrapper.  These days I usually just ship gifts direct when I online shop, that makes my little problem go away.  But I spotted this great post on 10 simple ideas for green gift wrapping on Mighty Girl and think I could handle some of these, and be green!

[5] London is calling!  While I have had limited London adventures, and I enjoyed Lindsey’s as well, I definitely have not spent enough time there. But apparently even one day is enough to have a good time in jolly old London, as that is exactly what Amy Thomas did as she details in her post on Haven in Paris. P.S. The peeps over at Any Trip who gave away a trip to Paris a few months ago are now giving away a trip to London, check it out!

[6] I love, love, love the post that Gigi from the SITS gals wrote to support the Million Moms Challenge.  I grew up a TV dinner kid, not that we had them all the time, it is just representative of the food I ate. Things like Tang and Velveeta, etc.  And although I don’t eat like that now, I did for a long time and I turned out just fine!

Although my personal frenzy for all things Twilight has diminished (I got tired of waiting one year between movies, I see them eventually when they arrive on Netflix) I do love watching others who are still very much enthusiastic about it.  Even better, new inductees into the Twilight Club. That was the case with a post from Angry Julie this week when she blogged about attending a a premiere party for Breaking Dawn.

I am not turning into a giveaway blog, but I do have several going on right now!

That it’s for this week!

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share?


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  1. Thank you thank you Andi!!!!

  2. I just read this incredibly well written posting on a mammogram and the results.

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