Saturday Six #79

These days when I can make Saturday Six happen on Saturday I feel blessed! My weeks are going by like a blur and I was just reminded yesterday that I am going to turn 42 in January and not 41…where has this year gone?

I have been on the road for small one or two-day trips which leaves me in a constant state of catch-up and I don’t really see this letting up until the end of the year (or beyond) so I am trying to re-organize myself into a new routine. The one that was working for the last several months is just not cutting it anymore and I’ve got to find a new one or I will not be “right.”  As a person who thrives on change it is just another cycle running its course, a new pattern to the patchwork quilt that is my life!

But enough of my musings, let me share my favorite posts from this week:

[1] I read Vicki Archer’s blog because I love her books and her lifestyle in the South of France (with lots of visits to Paris and London). But she is also a wise woman with sage musings that she shares from time to time. This week she wrote about blogs and blogging in terms of it maybe losing its luster with all those other social media platforms out there that pull at our attention and time. I am surrounded by social media day and night both professionally and personally, but Misadventures with Andi will always be first in my heart.  It is the creative outlet I never know I needed and it will always get my attention and time first before Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.  See what Vicki had to say on French Essence about the topic and her follow-up post as well.

[2] I liked this post I found on Paris at My Feet in which Canedolia professes that the best thing about France may be the French.  I have a lot of blogging friends who live in France and blog about their lives in Paris (and ailleurs) who love many things about France, even if they find many things frustrating (which is definitely not exclusive to France) but I am sure each and every one of them would agree that one of the things they love (and hate) about France are the French – I know that is true for me!

[3] Why would we spend so much time trying to be like the French if we didn’t love them so much? We try to dress like them, live like them and surtout speak like them. That’s where the ladies of Haven in Paris can help with this great post: Zut Alors! How To Speak French Like A Parisian.

[4] Besides all the travel and personal blogs that I read another large chunk belongs to food.  I just recently came across a blogger who is visiting and reviewing restaurants in my geographical area and the list of must-try restaurants is growing longer every time Adam of A Life Worth Eating blogs! This past week he wrote a post about Saison, a restaurant in San Francisco that I have targeted for a “He Said, She Said” post. Until I can get Mr. Misadventures there, I have this post to drool over.

[5] I am a big fan of Airstreams.  I have all kinds of magazine clips and website bookmarks with photos and trip ideas. Apparently Courtney of CopyStrands does as well as she shared a fantastic photo essay highlighting an adorable airstream makeover.

[6] I am really excited about two things coming up on Christine’s blog Almost Fearless. This week she announced a series for November where she is going to share 50 Thai dishes. I love Thai food.  It was my first grown-up food experience, the first food I tried on my own when I went away for college.  I fell in love with it and ate it 3-to-4 times a week. So much so that when I met my first husband, who happened to have been born in Thailand and immigrated to the U.S., that I impressed him into a first date! It is such an amazing cuisine and with Christine being based there, I know the recipes are going to be yummy and authentic.  She also has something coming up next week that looks very interesting – a celebration of travel and love to promote what looks to be a great new book coming out.

That it’s for this week!

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share?

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  1. Thanks Andi for the mention…..and for the fantastic Saturday links…I always love them….xv

  2. I’m in awe and more than a little jealous of all the traveling you do…while knowing it’s not something I could do! Thanks for sharing the Sat. six, always fun to read.

  3. You are so sweet lady! I love that you love Airstreams too! Thanks for including me with such wonderful links!

  4. Hey – we’re the same age. I turn 42 in November.

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