Saturday Six #58

I am in San Diego today with the lovely ladies of SITs. San Diego may be a good candidate for the “one that got away” (see Saturday Six #57, #6 to understand what I am referring to).  Every time I come here, and it has been a lot over the past year due to various conferences and trips, I fall in love a little more, it is very beautiful down here and I could get used to it!

I did not blog much this week, too bothered by the events in Japan.  Luckily the lovely Fiona Hillard filled in with two guest posts.  Then there is the support of all the relief efforts for Japan.  I wanted to highlight a few of those here:

[1] Mentioned on this week’s (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #102, my friend Kasia of Love in the City of Lights is raising money and is providing people a chance to win the bag she designed for this initiative.

[2] There was no blog post yesterday and that is because I was supporting the efforts of the For Japan With Love disaster relief initiative.  It was a day of silence for bloggers.  Their efforts don’t stop yesterday as they continue to raise money for ShelterBox who were one of the first organizations asked by Japan to help and were on hand on the Saturday after the quake. Check out how you can help.

[3] If you want to wear your support, the designers at WSAKE have created this beautiful necklace, the proceeds of which are being donated for relief efforts. I first spotted this on Pinterest which is becoming a more constant part of my daily routine.

And now on to a few non-Japan related posts for this week’s Saturday Six:

[1] The author of Veggie Test Kitchen (sorry, don’t know their name) wrote an excellent post about what to do when as a blogger you become overwhelmed and disinterested.  She offers really great advice on how to get past this.

[2] It is so easy to get sucked into social media. It is an endless series of conferences and meet-ups and tweet-ups  Sometimes you can get caught up into thinking that you are missing out if you don’t attend each and every thing. That’s why I loved Mighty Girl’s post “you missed it,” it’s a reminder to keep what is important in life in focus.

[3] On the humorous side, my co-workers and I had fun with this image from Edible Geography (read the associated post as well where you can see a larger pdf of the image).  It is a map of two gangs in the Mission District in San Francisco and then overlaid on top are the various cupcake shops.  There are a lot of cupcake shops in San Francisco (unfortunately, there is one just a little to close to my office) and it seems particularly in the Mission.  Based on the map I am thinking I would want to be aligned with the Sureño gang territory!

[4] Lacey of The Road is Life wrote a very insightful post on the “observations on cultural differences of dating, courtship and flirtation between Americans & French.” That’s a mouthful!  In my experience she hits it right-on and my preference is European men as well!

[5] There are two blogs that I check every single day, it takes about 30 seconds to do it and the reward is always great, the downside is that it usually leaves me with food envy!  I have been a big fan of Lunch with Front Studios for years, they are two New York architects who blog what they eat for lunch and what they have as a 4:00 snack every work day and as you can imagine the variety is endless.  They were killing me this week with their Noodle Village lunch followed by their fried chicken lunch the next day – I gain weight just looking at the pictures! [My other daily favorite which has shown up here on Saturday Six is Paris by Mouth.]

[6] Ending on a lighthearted note, this week there was another episode of Kristin of Camels & Chocolate’s dog Ella city dog adventures.  Only this time it was in the snow. This is not the first adventure post, each one cracks me and it is always an enjoyable read.

That’s it for this week!

  • I am the special guest this week over at Lost In Cheeseland! Lindsey started a new series called Friday Franco File and this week she highlighted me.

If you can spare a donation, consider supporting one of the three initiatives above or any other that you know of to raise money for Japanese relief efforts.

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share?


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  1. Thanks for the link Andi! I so enjoying the others you posted as well!

  2. Thank you for the shoutout, Andi! I love Lindsey’s blog, too–happy to see you over there, as well. Have fun in San Diego!

    Speaking of San Diego, are you by chance going to BlogHer this year? I’m up in the air still.

    • @Kristin, I bought my ticket again for the 3rd year in a row now (I have sold my ticket the last two years) and I think this time I am actually going to go! I am also heading to Tbex in Vancouver in June, how about you?

  3. Thank you for the mention and support Andi! Means a lot 🙂

  4. Thanks for including my link. I LOVE your French themed blog!!!

  5. No TBEX for me, but I bought the BlogHer Party Pass and also got a ticket for Clever Girls’ I’m With the Brand party, so I *think* I’m going…!

  6. Thanks for your postings. I just read your ‘how’ and found it very helpful. As a new blogger it can be confusing on what to write, how often, what exactly is the ettiquete of blogging and who is even reading it.

    I love the idea of going to a blogging conference. My travel plans keep me from attending this year, but maybe I will get lucky and find something overseas.

    • @MsMichelle, I am glad I could help! Where are you currently located at? I might be able to offer you some suggestions for a conference.

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