Saturday Six #5

voie-6This weekend is a bit crazy, I have family in town and it is our last weekend before we leave on our holiday vacation.  I will be gone for 14 days, so lots to prep for!

But, don’t worry!  As usual I will still have a daily post.  I am blessed to have 11 guest-posters who are providing 12 guest posts, plus a few of my own thrown in as well!  So please, come back and show them (and me) the love.

However, I’m not going anywhere just yet!  I am still around until next Friday morning (4:00 a.m. airport shuttle pick-up, can you say “ouch”) and will be continuing the 17 Days of Christmas party as well as a “regular” daily post.  If you are playing along, the next set of winners for Days 4-10 will be announced next Thursday (12/17).

Now, on to this week’s Saturday Six!

[1] I “met” Kristi over at La Bella Figura when she left a lovely comment on my 17 Days of Christmas post.  After visiting her back, I had a new blog to read!  Like her pal Euro Chic, she blogs daily on her food, money and clothing choices plus life in between.  This week she posted about French girls…how could I not make that as one of my favorites of the week?  I am always constantly in search of enlightenment on how French women so easily manage love, beauty and sex so effortlessly! I am a voracious reader on the topic!  In fact while on vacation in Paris I completed a great new book called, What French Women Know by Debra Ollivier. It is fabulous!

[2] Feeling a little overwhelmed with all this Christmas stuff?  Feeling like there is a ton of pressure to do and buy things just because it is Christmas? So is Laurie over at You Must Take Your Chance. She wrote a post called “Not Really Bah Humbug” that is spot on.  My husband and I don’t exchange presents at Christmas or Valentine’s or birthdays, it drives us crazy that people feel obligated just because “society says”. We find it much more pleasant to give gifts when they are needed or least expected.  I understand with kids it’s a different story, but what about the adults in your life? Could you use a Christmas hiatus? But that is all my opinion. Head over at see what Laurie has to, very eloquently, say.

[3] I think the only way that Alisa from Project Happily Ever After is going to stop showing up on Saturday Six is if she stops writing posts!  I am cheating again by offering up two posts from her, but she is just so damn funny and makes an introverted dweeb like me feel normal.  You will love her internal (and external) battle with PMS when she has it out with an elevator, and she had me in stitches with her “Products I wish someone would invent!”

[4] Speaking of being an introvert, I abhor speaking on the phone.  I hate-hate-hate it! I have never been a phone person and never will.  I will write a 100 emails before making a single phone call.  And apparently Vicki Archer over at French Essence is of a similar opinion.  I loved her post this week called, “Do you dial or do you tap?” Personally, I am a tapper!  How about you?  Vicki’s name sound familiar? That’s because she is the famous author of the incredibly beautiful book, My French Life and has a brand new book out called, French Essence: Ambience, Beauty and Style in Provence which is on my wish list! She blogs about her love of all things French, so what’s not to adore?

[5] Another post that enjoyed this week has that of David’s of Living French.  He blogged about a retrospective being shown at the MoMa that celebrates the work of French screenwriter, director, and actor Jacques Tati.  To me, Jacques Tati is the French Charlie Chaplin.  His films are universal as there is very little dialogue.  The films are hilarious black and whites (I think there are some color ones as well) and brilliantly acted.  There is absolutely no need to understand French to enjoy a Tati movie. My favorites are: Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot; Mon Oncle and Playtime.

[6] I am finishing out the week with a post from Sassy over at Sassy Chica called “Do you deserve my best?”  Sassy has a saucy way of reminding her readers not to forget how awesome they are no matter what you look like, or how you think other perceive you.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Saturday Six, come back tomorrow for the 3rd and final installment of my Paris Road trip. Haven’t read 1 and 2? You still have time to catch up!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Merry SitsMas to you too!!

  2. I think there needs to be a club for us non-phone users. Or maybe they just need to name a syndrome for us so we can get the recognition we deserve. There are times when I can’t even call my family members and I am so thankful for text messaging because now I don’t have to wait until I get to a computer to keep in touch with people. Oh well, at least I’m not afraid of spiders and snakes and all that normal stuff that freaks out everyone else!

  3. Thank you for those wonderful words Andi… from the ‘tapper’, xv.

  4. I love Saturday 6!! I find so many great blogs to check out. I think my favorite among this bunch was Project Happily Ever After, “Why I Cursed Out an Elevator.” Alisa’s account was so familiar to me–when I know I’m being irrational but still know that I am so RIGHT!!

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