Saturday Six #47

Today is my last day in Tokyo before moving on to Beijing tomorrow. I get to spend it with friends, colleagues I used to work with at my old job, a perfect ending to a perfect week. [Road trip report coming soon, promise!]

This week’s Saturday Six photo is from loading dock 6 of the Tsukiji Fish Market, a place I had never been to until this trip.  More on that later as well.

Enough teasing about future posts, time to move on to my favorite posts from this past week:

[1] I swear my eyes literally lit up like a five-year old when I saw that there was not just one, but two, posts written by my blog crush Tory Hoen of A Moveable Beast and other blog spots such as Haven in Paris and Parisien Salon. I am completely enthralled with her writing, her voice, her words and her sentiment about her feelings and experiences with Paris.

In “Winter in Paris, Pleasure or Pain” Tory expounds on winter in Paris which the Parisians are in complete denial over as many of my fellow Parisian blogging buds have lamented about this past week.  But Tory is not one to turn away from a challenge, especially from Paris and in her post she offers her suggestions for activities that will make pleasure out of pain.

In “Paris, Plus ça change” she talks about rediscovering the familiarity of Paris after an absence, I have alluded to this as well, and can completely relate to what she so eloquently writes.

[2] I stumbled across a new blog this week when I picked up this post from ‘eat. live. travel. write.‘ (is she speaking my language or what?).  In “the light at the end of the tunnel” Mardi completes a restaurant review despite being eliminated from a Project Food Blog challenge. I don’t know anything about the challenge, but I can tell you that Mardi’s review of brunch at a restaurant called Luma is nothing short of spectacular and I am sorry she did not make it further into the competition!

[3] Christine of Almost Fearless wrote a great post in rebuttal to a Huffington Post article.  In “common excuses why people don’t travel” she insists, and I agree with her, that if you want to travel, there is a way to figure out how to do.  She has included a great resource as well (I’ll let you check it out) and ends her post with words that I ecstatically shake my head to: “The most common reason for not traveling: you don’t know what you don’t know.”

[4] As Keith of Traveling Savage continues his travels through South America, he also continues to write brilliant posts. In “Finding the Love in Travel” he writes about love in multiple dimensions. I loved the descriptions of the Argentinian gauchos singing for their love of their home (I can relate).  At the same time Keith speaks about the love for his gal who did not come with him on his travels, the impact of that on his experiences and the realization that we all have our own personal home.  The sentiment is beautiful and I loved the post.

[5] Too much of anything can ruin the most adored items. As explained by Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland when she detailed her experience of working at a Starbucks.  And even though we have the best intentions, and we are determined to proceed one way and not the other, sometimes life and places and things have a way of giving you something you did not know you were missing. This is my take-away from “Roasted in Paris,” that, and the resurrection of one of my own Starbucks related memories from when I was living in France.

[6] As many travelers have probably experienced, these days it is harder and harder to find unique products when visiting countries outside of the United States.  Globalization has ruined a lot of the uniqueness of the world.  And although I really do appreciate the fact that I can buy French butter and cheeses at home, I miss the capability of finding unique local products when I am on the road.  They are there, but it takes some hunting. This week at mnmlist, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits wrote about this topic in “petite.”  I really enjoyed the piece.

BONUS:  I loved the photos on Julochka post particularly the colors in “snowy scenes at legolands minilands,” they are just brilliant!

That’s it for this week!

What about you?  Have any favorite posts to share?

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  1. Andi, thanks for the shout-out! The crush is mutual, and it’s so great that you went to Tsukiji. I had a chance to spend a (very early) morning there few years ago and will never forget it. Fish heads, blood and tentacles everywhere. And the tuna auction! Pure adrenaline. Tory

    • @Tory, eek, so wonderful to have you comment, I have such a crush on you! The market was fabulous and now that I can access my blog I will be writing about it as well!

  2. Thanks – as always – for including my post. It wasn’t one I was planning to write, but that walk home alone in the dark rural vastness of Argentina pulled it right out of me.

    • @Keith, sorry for the delayed response, I could not access my blog while I was in China, loved the post, regarding your post it is the spontaneous inspirations that make the best reading!

  3. Thank you for including my post! I’m glad it stood out for you!

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