Saturday Six #44

As much as I adore France some days California feels like heaven. Today was one of those days.

I spent a glorious day in Big Sur. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this week and decided to take a drive the spot where we spent a lot of time when we were dating.  We did nearly the same trip we did in September, but believe it or not the weather was actually better today (in November!).  It was in the 70’s with beautiful sunny skies, we could not have asked for better.

I began my week in San Diego which was equally spectacular, all-in-all a week bookended (yes, I made up that word!) by wonderful weather and wonderful weekends.  And in between some serious catching up on my blog reads!  Tough to narrow down to six this week!  But here they are:

[1] This past weekend, with my long-time best friend, on a girl’s trip to celebrate her 50th birthday, I FINALLY got to see Eat Pray Love…the ultimate chick flick! I couldn’t have asked for a better circumstances to watch the film and I am glad to have seen it despite my apprehension about it.  I still prefer the book, which I have read three times, but I did enjoy the film.  And so did Christine of Almost Fearless who wrote a great post related to her own viewing of the film.

[2] Amy of C’est la me made me very nostalgic this week with her post “Your friend in Paris.” The reason is two-fold.  First she made me miss the shopping experience of seeing your daily baker, or weekly butcher, the experience of speaking (or trying, as I often did) and communicating with your neighborhood merchants more and more intimately over time as opposed to the huge grocery store vibe is so evident in the U.S.  I miss that.

The other thing is Amy’s description of a Context Travel tour.  It is a fabulous little company that I have had plans to write about for months and have just not gotten around to it (I promise to get to it soon!).  I missed out on going on one of their tours my last trip even though I was graciously invited by Lily of Context Travel Paris.  Based on Amy’s post, I missed out and must do a tour next time!

[3] I love this on Elements of Style post this week.  It’s called “A Love of Opposites” and it brings together my two favorite parts of the world: Washington State and Paris. It is in these two places that my husband and I want to split our retirement.  We love them both and cannot decide!

[4] I have written about airport food before. I have even guest-posted about eating while on the road, including airports. Plain and simple, most airport food sucks.  That’s why I love this illustration and post on Nile Guide called “The airport dwellers food pyramid,” it is hilarious! I am sure many a traveler can relate!

[5] New friend Catherine of The Fashionable Traveler has got the find of the week!  She clued me into a very cool website for those who are fashionably impaired (moi!) called Polyvore. It is dress up for adults, or as Catherine put it, “playing paper dolls with all of your friends, all over the world!”

[6] Although the best croissant I have ever had has not been in France, it seems some of my Paris blogging friends are determined to find the best that they can find in Paris (god bless them!).  As reported in Haven in Paris, “Croissant Smackdown: Paris’ Best Croissants” brings together several bloggers local croissant favorites to compete against each other.  That is one competition I would not mind being a judge for!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Glad you got to re-experience a place that means so much to the two of you. Tres romantic. 😉

  2. Thanks for the links Andi….glad you had a great anniversary…xv

  3. After reading your post, I immediately checked out Amy’s “Your friend in Paris” piece and loved it. Thanks for the link to her great site. I can’t wait to get back to Paris again. I’ll be checking out your other selections, too, but right now I’m still thinking about cheese, pastries and living like a Parisian!

    My husband and I like to get away for anniversaries, too. We took the drive from SF to Cambria in September for ours, so traveled through Big Sur as well. What a stunning stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Andi! Sounds like you had a great time. Very romantic.
    And thank you so much for featuring me here! As I’ve said before, it’s thanks to you and your great Happy Hour idea that I met Lily at Context Travel – as well as some other wonderful woman.

  5. Andi-First of all, Happy Anniversary! I look forward to your Saturday 6 every week, because I also find something new and interesting. What an honor to be mentioned. Thanks

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