Saturday Six #41

I don’t even want to tell you how many posts were in my reader after being away for two weeks! It made selecting six for this Saturday both easy and hard.  Easy as there were plenty to choose from.  Hard because I wanted to keep it to six as want to spend more time writing posts about my trip. So without further delay, here are my selections for this week.

[1] While it has been years since I have read any of her books, I am a big fan of Danielle Steel’s blog and have selected several of her posts for previous Saturday Six’s. This week it’s a post called “Why Not.”  It’s about challenging yourself at any age, to not constrain yourself from learning or experiencing new things to deepen or enrich your life.  Just pulling out a quick quote that I liked from the post:

“You never know who you’ll meet or what will come of it, maybe a new house or apartment, new job, new friend, a better opportunity than you could ever dream of, or maybe just a whole lot of fun you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Saying Why not? And then yes, could broaden your world and enrich your life immeasurably.”

[2] I am very lucky to have FoodGal in my own backyard because that gives me the opportunity to try out all the great restaurants that she reviews.  Her photos and food descriptions tempt me on a weekly basis!  This past week she has highlighted a restaurant that is close to where I work and combines two of my three favorite foods: French and Mexican!  As her title suggest…Tacos? Bien Sur! Read for yourself this very interesting combination of cultures.  A little cheat, but food related, if you are looking for interesting pumpkin recipes, you cannot beat pumpkin caramel bars with bacon presented by Noble Pig, yum!

[3] I am a confirmed minimalist. With all the moves I have done in my life, having too much stuff is just not an option (although the one place I breakdown is books, but I have far less than what I used to have).  The lovely (and she is very lovely in person!) Kasia of Love in the City of Lights wrote a post on her journey of letting go. This particular passage resonated with me:

“One year of travel taught me just how little you really need. And how empowering is the detachment from stuff. I was reminded again and again how much more important people and places are, and space in which to create new memories.”

[4] Similar to Kasia’s post, new blog find She is French wrote a post about leaving the material possessions aside and feeding the inner soul.  In “Defiant, Incorrigible, Impossible Woman” she wrote: “We feed our stomachs and our closets with piles of stuff just because you saw it in a magazine, a store on on a friend and yet we seem to be always hungry for something else… Nourishing the inner body is scrumptious…” It’s a review for a book that is already 10 years old, but I am intrigued, especially after reading a selected passage that was included the post as well as a quote from the author.  Definitely check it out.  I also loved another post called “She’s my ultimate fantasy,” a post on an artist making very provocative art with dolls. At first you might that they are a bit sexist, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the artists is a woman I might agree, but I kind of like the in-your-faceness about them.

[5] And speaking of sexy…wowza! Andi Perullo of My Beautiful Adventures did an amazing boudoir session at the W Santiago that is absolutely gorgeous. I did one of these in my youth when I still had the impossibly flat stomach of an early twenties collegiate, and although I am not likely to ever do that again, I applaud Andi for doing it! The setting was amazing, the photographer extremely talented….okay, under those conditions, maybe I could be talked into it! Go check out the post on photographer Kyle Hepp’s website you won’t be disappointed, Andi is as beautiful and effervescent in photos as she is in her every day life.

[6] I saved my Julie for last. Julie Roads of Writing Roads is my blogging bud who has been more than a friend, she has been a blogging mentor, a champion and a formidable force in my life since we first connected over Twilight.  Since then we have met in IRL and have formed what I know will be a lifelong friendship. She hasn’t been blogging as often lately, all for good reasons, but she approached a very interesting topic in a post while I was away called “blogger existentialism.” She pondered what bloggers owe to their audiences.  I have a passionate opinion about it and I admire Julie for broaching the topic.  Would love you to go read it and share your opinion.

That’s it for this week!

How about you? Got any interesting blog finds?  Also, I would love to know your opinion on Julie’s post, come back and let me know!

Photo taken by me in Paris at the my favorite theater Theatre Edouard VII where I saw the fabulous play, Le Prenom. If you live in Paris it is a must see!
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  1. Wow, what an incredible shout out! Thank you kindly and I’m delighted that you loved the pics. Kyle is an absolute genius and I hope some of your readers seek her services out!!! She’s travels all over the world. 🙂

  2. Andi looks AMAZING!!! I’d love to give my husband a little holiday gift like that 🙂

  3. PS great photo Andi!

  4. I enjoyed your reading list!

  5. Andi is absolutely stunning and so comfortable to photograph so I really can’t take much of the credit.

    I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for the link shout out! I really appreciate the love!

  6. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

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